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Monday, July 25, 2011

Should I shut it down?

So I've been wrestling with this question in my head.....should I just shutdown the blog?

For nothing more than time. I like posting, I like sharing our world with family and friends but I'll have to admit that it takes quite a dedication to this in terms of setting aside time with a clear head to document things that some folks may not really be interested in.

I don't get VOLUMES of traffic anymore but that may be because I don't post regularly. I'd love to have a blog that produced traffic in the range of 100+ hits a day but I gather a modest 25 or so and then on a big day with lots of pics, I've touched 70 or so. Maybe I should refresh the page a little....turn it into pics only and keep a hot update of it. Maybe I should talk about the blog on facebook and really push folks toward hearing what I have to say here. I mean I could really filet some folks with bad habits that I don't care for on this blog and they'd never know it.....or I could be equally as kind and they'd never know it either. Not that this is the venue for either but I've actually been trying to do the latter of late by recognizing good works vs. bad habits.

I think I've lost fringe family anyway....cousins don't check it much on either side. Friends check facebook and that's all...just the parents are the regulars and they can see us through facebook too. I never thought I'd admit it but it appears that facebook....the EVIL facebook is actually a decent tool for staying in touch. Hmmph. Whodathought?

Nothing is set in stone.....just a thought. If you like us, let me know. If you don't, let me know that as well. Maybe if I'd just be regular with updates, it would make the site more active. We'll see...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What is Reese doing?

I've still got a ton of pics to post of Hawaii...But I decided to interrupt that to post some stuff about Reese and what she's up to. Besides, Hawaii seems to long ago now and unfortunately we're back in the grind of daily life. Work, Dinner, Play with Reese, put her down, Sleep, do it again....It's hard to get other things in there nowadays. The yard calls, projects around the house call, our basement SUCKS and needs work, I've started a patio in the yard, we have a massive ant problem to which I'll quickly berate Arrow exterminators - they suck, their bug killing stuff sucks, their ant killing stuff sucks even more - and I pay $85 for the joy of having these jokers spray something around my house. I swear I think they're spraying attractant because nothing dies. We've got bugs in every sink, both tubs, crawling on the floor.......Sorry. I digress but this bug thing is pissing me off.

So....while we were gone, Reese started showing interest with Nana to pee and poop in the potty. Speed up several weeks and we're running almost accident free on both poops and pees. The pee pee is money in the bank. We put a diaper on her when she sleeps but at less then 2 1/2 yrs old, she is on the pee pee wagon. The poops are getting better as well and I'm so relieved about that. If we can keep this process running, Reese will be completely potty trained in the next week or so and won't have to wear those crazy potty pants to the pool anymore!!! YEAH!!

What's even better is that she's now peeing and pooping on the insert that fits the big potty...vs. the little potty. Poo poo in a little potty is pretty rank. It's like hot chocolate cake icing. I've cleaned the little potty one good time and I'm pretty much over that. I like poop in the big potty (the water is the key) and just wiping bottoms. Honestly, I think I'd rather clean diapers over clean poop in a waterless potty.

Reese is also out of her highchair and into a booster seat at home and in restaurants. She's made a very nice transition there and has yet to be a problem at a restaurant...until she sees a White headed man. She is terrified of white haired men....not sure why but it's an issue for her.

Another change that we've hit is showers vs. baths...which is SOOOO much easier for us and she loves them. It's easier to wash her hair, its easier to clean her up and get things rolling vs. staying in the tub for 30 minutes. We love that she loves showers because bath time is a breeze now! The evenings are made easier as well because she really understands the routine. She closes all the doors, we put in the water for the humidifier, we say prayers - to hear her say them is so cute, and we give big hugs and kisses. It's an awesome routine and she knows it by heart.

I'm pretty sure that's most of the changes other than an increasing vocabulary. She's growing up and changing right before our eyes and I just hate that it's happening so fast. I want to slow time down and really enjoy this but its not going to happen. I've just got to enjoy every day to the fullest and soak up what I can.