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Monday, November 30, 2009

Croopy poopy....

It's official. She has the croop.

I don't really know what the croop is or if I'm even spelling it correctly but its a real virus and it results in a hell of a mean cough for our little one. Sometimes it sounds "dry" and just rough. Other times it sounds like she could cough up a ton of crap with rattles coming from her chest. She has two days worth of meds which seems like a lite dose but a couple folks at work seem to have experience with the croop and they say that's all it takes. For Reese's sake...I hope that's all it takes.

We've sucked out her nose with saline solution and we've ended up getting some aloe based tissues as well because we were just wearing out her nose with the stuff we had on hand. AND to top it all off....she didn' go to her new babysitter today because of this ick so she'll be tested in a new environment Tuesday so please pray that little bit adjusts quickly and Mommy being out of sight means that she will be out of mind.

Enjoy a sicky pic...

An unsure pic....

And a cutie pic.....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sick baby and a first for Kim....

Reese has been showing signs of not feeling 100% for a couple days now....and today it hit pretty hard. Runny nose, a horrible croopy sounding cough, chest congestion...but oddly enough no fever. We've done the saline mist deal with her - she hates. We've wiped her poor little nose and mouth so much that both are flaming red - she hates. Her breathing is labored and we start the whole cycle over again. She's dead tired and you can just see that she is miserable. I think that we've decided another trip to the doctor is in order in the morning and she may very well be missing her first day at her new babysitter.

Right now, Kim has Pooks in her arms just holding her close and trying to make her feel better. She was so tired during the bath tonight that she could barely keep her eyes open. But through it all just like always...she's been a trooper. Handling everything like a champ despite obviously feeling like dirt. We love our little baby and hate that she's sick.

Despite a sick babe....we decorated the house yesterday and today for Christmas. Inside and out are ready for Christmas joy and we're kind of glad that's over. We love the decorations but putting them up and taking them down are a chore. Reese chipped in how she could....and no...the strand that she is holding is NOT plugged in obviously but she is overseeing a pile of DEAD lights.

We put up some of Reese's new ornaments for the tree and tried to get some pics of her in front of them but it was a weak attempt...She was more interested in holding this plastic tree.

One of the things that did happen today was something that I've never heard in my 14 Christmas' with Kim. She told me to go buy new lights. It was like the Christmas light Gods frowned upon us this morning and nearly every strand we touched had issues. Some of these lights were nearly 10 years old - so I'm not bothered - other strands were probably new last year but we ditched the whole load. Every light we have got a brand new replacement this morning. Usually, Kim threatens me with beatings and punishment beyond words for buying lights. This morning at the Wal-Mart I picked out lights while some cheeseball Santa readied himself for photos with kiddies that don't know any better. Everyone knows that the Phipps Plaza Santa is the real Santa. Duh....

And so the last thing to ponder is a five day weekend gone....

Thanksgiving sort of sneaked in and out the door on me. It was an amazing first Thanksgiving for Reese and we had such a good time from eating and shopping to decorating and wiping noses. I wish we could start over and do it again. Spending time at home and with all of our families is like blinking and the day is over. It really stinks but we'll have a ton of time during Christmas so I'm looking forward to that. We're also looking forward to Reese's baptism next Sunday and hoping that she does well during service. Cross your fingers.

Good night - and pray we get some sleep with a sick baby. I imagine she'll spend some time in our bed just to be close to us.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Whaddya think?

I'm not completely convinced that this is the final version of the Christmas version of our blog but I think this is a nice start.

We'll play with this more to get things just right but for now...its a change and I'm reasonably pleased. Hope you like.

Happy Thanksgiving....

Kim and I love this time of year....and this holiday in particular. We have so many things to be thankful for and all too often (I know this is particularly true for me) we don't give thanks enough. I find myself griping about small things. Things that don't really matter in the grand scheme of life. I find that I'm spoiled beyond my wildest imagination and yet I still want or expect more.

So today, I should turn that around. Giving thanks for blessing so immeasurable that they can never be repaid. Forgiveness from our creator that we don't deserve nor accept often enough. I have not displayed Thanksgiving recently...God didn't have to bless me with Reese. He didn't have to bless Kim and I with reasonable health (sure I have some issues but big deal...there are kids at St. Jude today getting treatment for cancer and I'm here at the house.) He didn't have to bless our home with two incomes this year. He didn't have to forgive all of our mistakes...but he did and he does. All too often I act like a spoiled brat and don't appreciate the simplest things. Thank all of you that have helped Kim and I this year with our new little girl. Thank you to our friends for being there with advice and a laugh. Thank you to our families....and Thank you Lord for little Reese.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families. Kim and I wish the very best for all of you and hope that this Christmas season is a blessing to you all.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Changing the header....waiting to change the background.

I'm tired of waiting.

We're changing the header now and will find a Christmas background once the blog sites post them.

I guess we have to get through Thanksgiving first. This is the only thing that we are changing early so don't worry about seeing Christmas lights up just yet.

On another little girl made my day this morning. I'm off and Kim is working so Reese and I have been playing all morning. First, let me say this - Reese is a handful. God Bless Kim for being Reese's primary entertainment while I'm working or doing stuff around the house. But as I fed a completely wiped out little girl...she fell asleep in my arms. It's the little things. A sleeping baby in your arms changes you in a way that can't be explained. She trusts you enough to sleep on you and she just knows that she'll be ok. What a feeling. I'm such a jerk sometimes and I make as many mistakes as anyone else - probably more - but none of that matters to Reese. She just loves her Daddy.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend updates...

This week sort of ushers in my favorite time of the year...I love fall and I love football but I really enjoy the holidays. Thanksgiving to Christmas is such an amazing time of year that I wish you could capture through another series of weeks during the year but I guess it wouldn't be such a special time if you could get this in June.

I know that so many put such emphasis on getting their shopping done and stressing over the list of things to do but I sort of sit back and take it all in. I'm sort of deep like that. I enjoy the smell of fresh Christmas trees (but we have a fake safety) I enjoy holiday dinners and gatherings, I love the decorations and the "spirit" that follows us during Christmas. We're better to each

I love Thanksgiving turkey. Filling up on amazing dinners only to crash and watch football on the couch. Waking up semi-early on Friday to grab a deal or two. Shagging out all weekend just relaxing and getting decorations out. (I'm sort of a stickler for getting through Thanksgiving before putting up Christmas) I have no issue putting up stuff on Thursday afternoon but lets at least eat the meal.

On Saturday, we celebrated an early Thanksgiving dinner and also my Great Uncle's 80th birthday. It was a good evening. Reese did very well with all of the new faces and it was nice to see everyone together. My Papa's family is shrinking...It's sad but a reality that continues to set in with every passing year. Here are a couple pics from the night with our family elders and the next generations.


Blog Changes coming....

I've given up hope that my little lady that was going to do a blog makeover for me is still going to do that....She's about three months behind. So, I'm giving things a facelift myself. Already made the blog header and will be working on the background this week. Also...make a note that some of my favorite music is now playing in the background....if you mute then turn us on because jazzy Christmas music is where its at.

I'll be updating pics of the get together last night for many of the family that check the blog...until then...Enjoy a little Diana Krall singing Christmas Time Is Here......I need a warm mug of coffee and a fire.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On the mend?

While I don't know that our maladies can be called Swine Flu...we feel like we've been drug through a pig farm. Achy...icky...sicky...coughing...stuffy heads...and we need something that will make us rest medicine. All joking aside, we've been pretty under the weather its just been a little tough to keep up with the blog.

So, setting all of that aside and the fact that neither of us are necessarily back to normal - lets update the situation. Reese is a little lady on the move. It is so amazing to watch her play with something as simple as a piece of paper. And what's even better...she loves it. She absolutely loves the simplest things now. A diaper box has become the newest prop and has actually whipped her a time or two. This evening she turned a somersault wrestling the #4 Diaper box in the kitchen. Yeah, it scared her a little bit but not enough to keep her away.
She's also jabbering like crazy. She gets on a run saying something like Duck, Duck, Goose. It sounds more like dulct, dulct, guss but hey...she's learning. She is pulling up, sitting up, kneeling, reaching, standing....pretty much everything that we didn't think she would be doing right now. She is just an amazing little girl.

We're also planning her baptism...yeah, we're slacker parents since she'll be 8 months when she is baptized / christened / sprinkled....choose your poison depending upon faith but we're finally getting that arranged for Sunday, December 6th....invites to family are on the way! Yeah! slackers no more.

And finally...we've been hunting a new sitter for Reese since Krissy has decided to return to stay at home mommi-hood. Her husband finally landed a job and the travel will make things a little tougher with the newly mobile Reese and three kids of her own. We sort of expected this but looking for a new sitter has been a little un-nerving. We met with what will be our new sitter last night and got the warm fuzzies from her. She is just around the corner...she has been doing this for a while...and she's all licensed up with the state. So, the Krissy era is over and it has been a life saver for us but with all things, change is good and we'll start this new sitter after Thanksgiving.

Enjoy pics of our little one chewing Lulu the Spider.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Feeling ucky

As bad as we need to update everyone on Reese's new accomplishments, dear old Dad here is feeling like hammered dammit. I've been fighting a cold that has been circling between Kim and I and its just whipping me today.

Very tired, very sleepy, very achy....just crappy. So we'll hit some pics Monday-ish and tell everyone what Reese is up to.

Bed time commences at 8:30p SHARP

Saturday, November 14, 2009

She's already addicted....

Reese was reaching...not for her namesake but for something that shares her name....Reese's Cups this morning and I guess this is an indicator that she's an addict already.

Sitting up...reaching, grabbing, crawling, jabbering, laughing.....this little girl is in 5th gear now.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

We're back...

Been on a little post drought of late more because of travel and sickness than anything. Prior to traveling, Kim and I both were not feeling worth a rip...and then I left for the weekend and first part of the week on business so Kim was busy playing supermom with Reese. Well...I'm back but still sick and Kim is on the road to recovery.

Our little Reese, however, she is changing and learning right before our eyes. She'll pull up on anything, she will sit/stand on her knees, she crawls where she wants to and she loooooooves to chat with Baxter now.

She's clapping her hands now....she keeps her tongue out all the time and she smiles like crazy. I love this little girl so much and she changed so much in five days. Where is the time going?

On another note...our neighbor that has been watching Reese since she was three months old, well her husband finally landed a job after 11 months of looking, hoping, and praying. That was such a burden lifted for them but the flip side of that coin is that her husband will now be traveling MUCH more than in any other job he held in the past so she has decided that with three kids, a new travel schedule and all assignments riding on her when he travels...she didn't see being able to watch Reese on a regular basis. Ok, so that reeeeeeally stinks. They have been so good to Reese and have been excellent care givers so Kim has been a little out of sorts about this but has been able to land another lady here in Towne Lake that will be able to watch Reese but we still need to meet with her next week.

This seems like it will work out and will ultimately keep Reese out of a full blown daycare but it has been so nice to have "daycare" right across the street from us for this first little bit.

Ahhh the trials and tribulations of parenthood!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Behind on posts...

I've been traveling for the last several days so the updates have been sparse. We'll get some pics out there and a little update to let the fam know what's going on.

Check us later.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Her world has opened up!

My little baby girl's world has just flung wide open. Before, she was confined to a jungle play mat or a sheet that Kim and I would put on the, her world is only limited by her desire to crawl there.

What's even more troubling/crazy/amazing is that the changes just keep coming. Like last night...she pulled herself up from her stomach, onto her knees, and then up to her feet....all while holding on to the couch. She is balancing on her knees, she is reaching, grabbing, looking - wow. What an exciting time for her. Could you imagine living her life right now? Her limitations are slowly lifting to her own abilities. Check her out....(some of the pics are blurry but the little fart moves too fast.)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


So despite the rain and complete thrashing that UGA took yesterday, we made the best of the day and had some good times with friends and little ones.

I set up our tent and in true (Redneck or devoted fan) style....pulled the TV out to the road and set up our mini tailgate / Halloween candy station.

Everything was fine until the rain came around 6pm but we still served up some Beef Brisket that had been cooking all day, twice baked potatoes, Buffalo chicken dip, topped off with plenty of candy and beer....I'm working out today to offset the sin of eating.

Reese was adorable as always and she introduced her "wear it once and done" Pea Pod outfit for Trick or Treating...

We didn't take her around to houses just because it seemed a little cheesy to take her out for candy that she can't even eat...and she doesn't have an older brother or sister that would eat it so we opted out.

Instead, we handed out candy and braved the elements with Lance and Celeste, Ryan and Jenni, and Jon, Sarah and little Claire.

We had a great day even with Kim feeling a little under the weather....she was a trooper and did more than she should have but if you know Kim, she will power through most anything. Our little tradition is growing into a cool little deal so I'm actually starting to like Halloween again...It sort of lost its meaning when I couldn't go out for free candy. Anyway, hope everyone had a safe evening and got up nice and early like we did this morning....Reese hasn't grasped the concept of sleeping in on the FALL back portion of time change but she will soon enough.