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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On the mend?

While I don't know that our maladies can be called Swine Flu...we feel like we've been drug through a pig farm. Achy...icky...sicky...coughing...stuffy heads...and we need something that will make us rest medicine. All joking aside, we've been pretty under the weather its just been a little tough to keep up with the blog.

So, setting all of that aside and the fact that neither of us are necessarily back to normal - lets update the situation. Reese is a little lady on the move. It is so amazing to watch her play with something as simple as a piece of paper. And what's even better...she loves it. She absolutely loves the simplest things now. A diaper box has become the newest prop and has actually whipped her a time or two. This evening she turned a somersault wrestling the #4 Diaper box in the kitchen. Yeah, it scared her a little bit but not enough to keep her away.
She's also jabbering like crazy. She gets on a run saying something like Duck, Duck, Goose. It sounds more like dulct, dulct, guss but hey...she's learning. She is pulling up, sitting up, kneeling, reaching, standing....pretty much everything that we didn't think she would be doing right now. She is just an amazing little girl.

We're also planning her baptism...yeah, we're slacker parents since she'll be 8 months when she is baptized / christened / sprinkled....choose your poison depending upon faith but we're finally getting that arranged for Sunday, December 6th....invites to family are on the way! Yeah! slackers no more.

And finally...we've been hunting a new sitter for Reese since Krissy has decided to return to stay at home mommi-hood. Her husband finally landed a job and the travel will make things a little tougher with the newly mobile Reese and three kids of her own. We sort of expected this but looking for a new sitter has been a little un-nerving. We met with what will be our new sitter last night and got the warm fuzzies from her. She is just around the corner...she has been doing this for a while...and she's all licensed up with the state. So, the Krissy era is over and it has been a life saver for us but with all things, change is good and we'll start this new sitter after Thanksgiving.

Enjoy pics of our little one chewing Lulu the Spider.

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jill said...

LOVE her hair!!!!! and hope y'all are better soon! i found out yesterday i've got bronchitis and a throat infection. niiiiice. haha! :)