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Sunday, November 1, 2009


So despite the rain and complete thrashing that UGA took yesterday, we made the best of the day and had some good times with friends and little ones.

I set up our tent and in true (Redneck or devoted fan) style....pulled the TV out to the road and set up our mini tailgate / Halloween candy station.

Everything was fine until the rain came around 6pm but we still served up some Beef Brisket that had been cooking all day, twice baked potatoes, Buffalo chicken dip, topped off with plenty of candy and beer....I'm working out today to offset the sin of eating.

Reese was adorable as always and she introduced her "wear it once and done" Pea Pod outfit for Trick or Treating...

We didn't take her around to houses just because it seemed a little cheesy to take her out for candy that she can't even eat...and she doesn't have an older brother or sister that would eat it so we opted out.

Instead, we handed out candy and braved the elements with Lance and Celeste, Ryan and Jenni, and Jon, Sarah and little Claire.

We had a great day even with Kim feeling a little under the weather....she was a trooper and did more than she should have but if you know Kim, she will power through most anything. Our little tradition is growing into a cool little deal so I'm actually starting to like Halloween again...It sort of lost its meaning when I couldn't go out for free candy. Anyway, hope everyone had a safe evening and got up nice and early like we did this morning....Reese hasn't grasped the concept of sleeping in on the FALL back portion of time change but she will soon enough.

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Judith said...

she's the cutest little pea pod I ever did see!!!