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Sunday, December 26, 2010

New pics at A Year in the Life of Us....

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Dreaming of a White Christmas.....

What an amazing scene today. I'll certainly post more later but I wanted to drop these images out here just to set the mood for the biggest surprise of the day....a white Christmas.

How awesome to have snow on Christmas!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

An Ode to Ray Stevens....

Our daughter has learned how to say it politely.....dis-robe.

Coming from Calhoun, I might tell you she likes to "git nekkid" on occasion. But "nekkid" has traditionally meant diapers were still attached until recently. This evening I was doing a few things upstairs and came down the steps to hear Kim exclaim....WHAT ARE YOU DOING??

That is usually meant for me so I started explaining why I was dragging my feet getting down there with some picture frames. I had a good excuse lined up as I was really fixing a wreath on one of our windows....little did I know that the question was meant for a little girl that had just handed Mommy a wet diaper. I suppose this can be taken one of two ways....Potty training is taking hold and she is beginning to dislike wet diapers. In that case, this would be a good thing...OR...she's an exhibitionist. That would be a bad thing.

Since I'm dishing about my daughter, I don't know that this is behavior that is all that out of whack since I was seen once cavorting around the backyard sans clothing but I was a little older than our newest nudest. God Bless Kim as she tried to restore some modesty to the situation but then out of no where.....the bare bottomed bandit appeared again........

I tried to blur the booty but its funny and you can't see anything any way.....Man look at her go! She was running like she stole something!

Oh yes they call her the streak....lookeythere lookeythere.....Fastest thing on two feet! hahahaha

Sorry sweetie. She'll hate me for this when she's older.

Friday, December 17, 2010

I hate the mall....

I'm about as far ahead of my shopping....for Kim I've ever been. I have more than half of her stuff wrapped and I have pretty much everything that I want to get either in hand - or its easy to obtain next week during lunch. However....I have to admit that I hate our mall. I could write a book about things that happen at the mall that just simply irritate me to no end. EXAMPLE: Wide walkers. A group enters the mall but rather than go their separate ways in order to complete the shopping requirements....they walk together. When they do this, they simply cannot walk in two by twos or even walk in a manner that would indicate any kind of direction. No sir...they have to walk 4 and 5 wide and mozy around. Sort of saunter about with no cares in the world.

I can't do that. I have a limited amount of time and I need to get from point B. Another one that I bumped into today is the person (usually a woman) that walks just slow enough to tick you off but just fast enough so you can't pass her easily. This happens on the highway too. I go to jump around this moron today and she sort of stepped it up a bit....then I ease back thinking that she's found a new gear ONLY for that gear to now be slow. Try again....almost a jog....ease up.....I think I could crawl faster now. I hated that woman for about 5 minutes. On top of that, she turned into the store I wanted to go to and I simply had to laugh at my luck.

I hate that Macy's has pushy perfume sales people....I don't like it when folks don't obey the laws of the road in the mall. Hey, it works well with cars...why wouldn't it work on foot. Right hand side people. Always walk on the right hand side. I don't like that lady at Mori luggage that got into my bubble explaining that she has more of those hideous bags in the back if I care to look at more. I'm not digging the food court at lunch because you cannot find a place to sit. I'd like that dude that flies the helicopter at Brookstone to keep that thing a little higher than eye high. I think Champs Sports needs to close because all they carry are basketball shoes and ugly tshirts. I'm aggravated that you cannot find Snoopy, Charlie Brown or any of the other Peanuts characters in stores at the mall....And I don't want a sample of Kung Pow chicken for the road little man.

This was just today folks. I went to about three stores and was ready to strangle anything that I could catch. At least the Salvation Army bell ringer spoke and said Merry Christmas but I wasn't ready to be out of my funk so I glared at her like she'd just pooped on the side walk. Not really but she was a little over the top so I probably did give her a look. I know, I know....this is not very Christmasy or in my normal line of conversation but you have to vent sometime. Today just wasn't the day I needed to be at the mall...and every one knew it!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mommy and Reese.....

Just chilling under the blanket.....It's been STUPID cold lately and our house seems as drafty as a barn with this wind and cold. Cuddling under the blanket is the only way to keep half way warm!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Potty time....

For the second time without prodding, little Reese declared "pee pee in the potty", sat down and covered up with a towel (the bathroom is slightly cold now) and actually peed!

Man, we threw a party! We danced, we laughed, we yelled and carried on for several minutes just to emphasize the brevity of the situation. If someone were watching us, they would think we were slightly touched in the head.

I'm certainly not declaring victory in the potty training realm but we're pretty jacked up since we haven't really shoved this down her throat. Let's hope it sticks!

Monday, December 13, 2010

New pics....

at our other site, A Year in the Life of Us

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mommy's little helper....

Monday, December 6, 2010

Twice the Santa....

So last year when we went to see was a bit of a flop. Reese was cute in her little outfit and she was really very tolerant of the line (45 minutes or so) and was just her normal 9 month old little self. Kim walked up...proceeded to drop off the little one for the pics with Santa, and this.....

Not happy. Not at all.

This year we're wiser. We've got the experience of what it takes to pacify Reese and the thought is to make a trial run to the mall and "test" her reaction to Santa. So last Tuesday was just a bear of a night was pouring rain and somewhat cool. Just a pretty rough night to be out all in all - but we braved the mall just to see if we could try a little introduction from a far. We got to the mall and the line was non-existent. In fact there was only like two kids standing around so we sort of walked up and pointed to Santa and got all excited. Reese showed so much interest that she was literally shoving herself out of our arms to get on the ground. She pointed and gawked and was basically ready to do this thing....she was on fire. So we ask the photo folks if we could sort of do a dry run with Santa and come back later. They were very accommodating about the whole thing but Reese clammed up once Santa was in reach. She tried to climb Kim's back to get away from him but she calmed down.....didn't sit in his lap but she was calm. We're thinking this is a done deal. She's in for the second visit.

We decide that based on my travel schedule this week and the fact that lines were not an issue...maybe we should go back and hit this again on Thursday. So, back we go last Thursday night.

She's decked out and excited. You can see her just pulling at the fence to look at things. Her favorite term right here is "See 'em? See 'em??" to which we say yes and "Owwww weeeee" to just build up the excitement.

I couldn't even get good pics of her because she was just full of she was about to see "Tanta"!!!!

She was bending around and pointing and man.....this was going to be great! We had done it. We had figured out how to build up this excitement for Santa Claus and she was ready to bound into Santa's lap.

Or not.

I'm not sure if you can really see her eyes in this can when I blow the pic up on Picasa but the eyes tell the story. Scared to death Santa pic...take two.

It didn't even help to get Mommy in the picture either. Reese was not having any of this Santa character and wanted DOWN!!!! What is a shame about this whole thing is that we didn't get the after shot.....she was happy as all get out and pointing away at the man she just ran from. Oh well....Maybe take three will have some smiles in it next year but these are still cute pics. These folks rob you for 2 - 5X7 pictures but the memories last forever. We tried to out smart little bit and I was actually beginning to think that we were going to hit a home run with our See ya soon Santa but don't be looking to play with Pooks when you stop in!