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Friday, December 17, 2010

I hate the mall....

I'm about as far ahead of my shopping....for Kim I've ever been. I have more than half of her stuff wrapped and I have pretty much everything that I want to get either in hand - or its easy to obtain next week during lunch. However....I have to admit that I hate our mall. I could write a book about things that happen at the mall that just simply irritate me to no end. EXAMPLE: Wide walkers. A group enters the mall but rather than go their separate ways in order to complete the shopping requirements....they walk together. When they do this, they simply cannot walk in two by twos or even walk in a manner that would indicate any kind of direction. No sir...they have to walk 4 and 5 wide and mozy around. Sort of saunter about with no cares in the world.

I can't do that. I have a limited amount of time and I need to get from point B. Another one that I bumped into today is the person (usually a woman) that walks just slow enough to tick you off but just fast enough so you can't pass her easily. This happens on the highway too. I go to jump around this moron today and she sort of stepped it up a bit....then I ease back thinking that she's found a new gear ONLY for that gear to now be slow. Try again....almost a jog....ease up.....I think I could crawl faster now. I hated that woman for about 5 minutes. On top of that, she turned into the store I wanted to go to and I simply had to laugh at my luck.

I hate that Macy's has pushy perfume sales people....I don't like it when folks don't obey the laws of the road in the mall. Hey, it works well with cars...why wouldn't it work on foot. Right hand side people. Always walk on the right hand side. I don't like that lady at Mori luggage that got into my bubble explaining that she has more of those hideous bags in the back if I care to look at more. I'm not digging the food court at lunch because you cannot find a place to sit. I'd like that dude that flies the helicopter at Brookstone to keep that thing a little higher than eye high. I think Champs Sports needs to close because all they carry are basketball shoes and ugly tshirts. I'm aggravated that you cannot find Snoopy, Charlie Brown or any of the other Peanuts characters in stores at the mall....And I don't want a sample of Kung Pow chicken for the road little man.

This was just today folks. I went to about three stores and was ready to strangle anything that I could catch. At least the Salvation Army bell ringer spoke and said Merry Christmas but I wasn't ready to be out of my funk so I glared at her like she'd just pooped on the side walk. Not really but she was a little over the top so I probably did give her a look. I know, I know....this is not very Christmasy or in my normal line of conversation but you have to vent sometime. Today just wasn't the day I needed to be at the mall...and every one knew it!

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