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Monday, March 28, 2011

Crazy and tired....

Crazy....that part comes from our signing up for the Peachtree Road race on July 4th.....and actually being picked to run it! They draw from a lottery and I'll be damned if we didn't get picked. The Peachtree is a 10K which is 6.2 miles but even crazier is that I'm running a trail run this weekend here in Woodstock that is 6.5 miles and I haven't run 6.5 miles in forever. I see a tired boy on Saturday! But good training for our 4th of July throwdown!

Tired....because poor Kim has been under the weather with a stomach bug and then we both were jarred awake last night to the Carbon Monoxide sensor going berserk at 1am this morning in the kitchen. Um.....what do you do with that? I mean it was 1am and pouring rain. Do you leave? Call the fire department? Open a window....what? I "think" this was a battery issue, however, I could have made the dumbest mistake ever by just going back to sleep but I replaced batteries and moved the sensors so that they were more likely to detect anything coming near us but the damage was done at that point....You don't want to go to sleep for fear of not waking up and you don't want to just lay there and think when you need to be sleeping. So a cold rain fell last night while we slept with the windows open. Genius right?

Nothing happened today with the sensors and Kim stayed here all day - poor thing was sick as all get out. When it hits her, it HITS her. I felt so bad for her this morning. Anyway....all seems to be better and Kim is slowly on the mend....and we're not feeling terrible from any gases so maybe we'll sleep better tonight.

And start training like crazy! Peachtree Baby!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday sweetie!

Where has the time gone?

Kim and I were coming home from dinner tonight reminiscing about the night that Reese was born. We met her at 7:15p and to our surprise, we had a very big girl on our hands. 9 lbs. 10oz and literally trying to hold her little head up from the moment that we saw her. She gulped 2oz of food before the nurses knew what to do and was such an angel that first night while everyone poked and prodded on her. We were so nervous in that hospital room that night. I think every time she let out a whimper, we raised up to check on her....we slept like junk but we were so happy to have this little girl in our lives.

Fast forward two years and she's talking to us, she plays with us and makes us laugh so much. She is truly a blessing from God and Kim and I love her more than words can properly say. She's a ham when she wants to be, she's bossy sometimes, she laughs big and plays big....she is such a wonderful little person and I'm better off because I know her. If I didn't live with her, I'd want to....I'm so lucky to be this little girl's Daddy and I want to get better at this every day. I'm also lucky to have Kim because she is responsible for so much of the way Reese responds to challenges and the way she reacts with happiness and manners....yes manners at two. She says Thank you all the time and Kim introduced manners from the beginning so she understands it to a degree and doesn't act like we're putting her out to say these things.

So many kids buck authority and push back - and Reese does from time to time as well - but Kim has the patience of Job and stays the course with love, discipline, and more love. I've rarely seen Kim frustrated with Reese and that unconditional love is the main reason that our little girl isn't a hellion......yet. Sure, these are the "terrible two's" but we're not going to doom ourselves to that fate. These are the TERRIFIC twos, the TREMENDOUS twos.....She's a little girl learning the world around her. What can be so terrible about that. Kim will have to drag me along but her positive leadership and parenting is beyond compare....she was really made to be a Mommy.

All of that is about our little girl growing another year in life. Learning, loving, laughing and being our little pooks. We love you so much Reese. You've changed our lives so much for the better and I can only pray that your life is a charmed one. No challenges, no fear, no hurt, no tragedy.....I pray for a life that is full of opportunity and love. Happy Birthday punkin....Mommy and Daddy love you.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kimmy did a 5K!

We're really trying to get in shape and part of that plan is running 5k races and building to 10ks. As an example, I went online today and signed up for the Peachtree Road Race this year. It's a lotto system but I'm hoping that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE...we'll get picked. Another example - Kim just completed her first 5k this weekend. She ran the Eagle Mountain 5K which was put on by the Etowah High School track team to earn dollars for track equipment. A decent enough investment but they really should get the word out a little more. I'd estimate 75-100 people ran the race and half of those entrants were track kids that run like scalded dogs. I've been to about 5 different events so far and this was by far the fastest and least attended race of them all. I'll take a stab in the dark and say that of the estimated 100 runners, 70 finished below 30 minutes. Figure that out in your head - 10 minute mile pace equals 6 mph for the entire 3.1 miles...and you need to ratchet it up a little in there to beat the 30 minutes because of the additional tenth of a mile. Run that on a treadmill and you'll see why both mine, and Kim's aspirations of sub-30 minute 5Ks is pretty tough. 70 flipping percent ran FASTER!!! By alot in most cases!!!! Eh well.

The time was unofficial but Kim crossed the finish line just under 36 minutes. I'm so proud of her for doing this as this is a huge milestone for a non-runner. This will get in your blood and make you competitive and make you want to run harder. Here are some pics from the morning out....

Good morning sleepy head! She looks race ready.
It's a sunrise morning on the Etowah campus.
Kim mingles in the race crowd.
Little sprinter and Kimmy pose for a pic.
Reese using her "bull horn" to cheer on Mommy. This is hilarious when she does it.
Future track star?

Kim....upper right....kicks it to the finish line on the track.

We had a great time and Reese was so patient during the race. She had a good time running around the track while the race was going on and yelled for Mommy when we could see her. Kim was loaded with energy after the race and proceeded to kick my butt in the yard for the remainder of the day. Luckily for the both of us Reese takes a nap and I was able to get a little shut eye to make up for the early wake up on Saturday.

I've got more to cover this week including Reese's 2nd birthday and some musings from the road....I travel and think of things worth blogging or griping about and then put humor into them because I could never make it if I didn't laugh it off. Later folks.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I've been struggling with the idea to post something about the disaster in Japan because it is uniquely important to me and my family. I work for a Japanese engine manufacturer and I have a decent understanding of where some of these things are happening but I suppose anyone could do so by looking at Google Maps for any period of time. The long and short of it is that I travel for this company, I'm away from my family for this company, I've given almost ten years of my life to this company, and I love what I do. It sucks some days...I get upset with my boss some days....I get stressed out some days, but I never have to hold my head down and sell something that I don't believe in. I appreciate the civility of the Japanese people. They are very structured, traditional, and conservative people. They believe in respect and they will give up something of their own to help someone in need. Yes of course....there are just as many of these people in the U.S. but there are ZERO reports of looting in Japan, there are ZERO calls for the Government to come and save them, there are ZERO areas of blame outside of the issues with the reactors that - in my eyes - can't be averted. I mean Jesus people...the island moved nearly 8 freaking feet. Stuff is bound to happen.

I say all of that to say this....please say a prayer for these people if you haven't already. Not because I work for them. But because they need it. I know we live in a Buy American society and that truly does help our country. But this is a global economy - like it or not - and they are a tremendous ally to the U.S. They provide a way of life that wouldn't exist without their technical prowess....Flash memory, Flat panel TVs, Automobiles, motorcycles, boats, motors, toys, computers, lights, phones, routers, servers, on and on and on.

We need them to be ok and they need prayers. Thanks all.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One year ago....

Almost one year ago to the much has changed with Reese. She is so talkative, so interested in helping or just being involved. She's pretty much feeding herself all the time now but we help her from time to time. She isn't working on the potties nearly as much as I would like her to but we'll get there. She seems so much more willing to try things now but in trying things she's also learning fear and to sometimes be afraid of things. I hate that she's losing that innocence of being a baby and having to learn what fear is but that's just life. She's not a fan of the dark, she doesn't like to be without you for too long but she's fearless on the steps and trusts us 100% because she'll just lean forward and fall off the steps expecting us to catch her......that's pretty much like a heart attack for Mommy and Daddy.

She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, she loves to sing, she loves controlling the TV while lying in our bed and she loves to crawl all over Mommy and Daddy any chance she gets. She loves to sing, laugh, play, and dance. She makes life so much much more fun. She's almost two. She's changing right before our eyes.....this time is going by too fast. I already miss the little girl in this picture but I'm having so much fun with the little girl from yesterdays post.

I hope I light up her life as much as she's lit up ours.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The post title and the pic have nothing at all to do with one another but I try to link the titles to the post in some way and the tie in here is......drum roll......still can't hear all that well. YEAH!! The Reader's Digest version is that left ear has essentially gotten no better and late last week, my right ear started acted like it was going to clog. Finally Sunday night, it did. I woke up Monday morning with about 50% overall hearing overall and with a right ear that was clogged something terrible. THIS was the line in the sand. Once I arrived to the office I began the process of getting a referral to an ENT locally. By mid-day I was able to obtain the referral but through nothing more than fear...I did a couple of those hold your nose and swallow tricks and it helped a little bit. Later in the evening I did a really good nose blowy thing at the house and damn near blacked out. I blew something out of kilter because my ear made a squeaky farty noise and I then discovered that the TV was incredibly loud! My right ear opened up completely! Nothing on the left side but I could at least hear ambient noise or things with a low hum.....the dishwasher, the dryer, our fans, anything like that just couldn't be heard earlier in the day but now I was not as scared.

So....ENT appointment today. The Dr. was super dry and pretty  much to the point. He looked in my ear and made some comments about fluid behind my right ear drum and inward pressure on my left ear drum. He then sent me to an audiologist to have some hearing tests run. This young man couldn't have been 25 and he was a doctor. I started re-evaluating my sales career as this young fellow was called Dr. and he was at least 10 years younger than I.....who knew that you could be an audiologist and be called a doctor? Anyway....I highly recommend Brian Regan at this point because he does a great skit on hearing loss. The part about the hearing test is so relevant to my situation. I swear this kid was screwing around with me saying words that didn't exist. They test the right ear, then the left, then both, then they put something outside of your bad ear and on the bone behind your ear so you can hear things through your skull.......huh? Yeah, Junior said that I would hear the sounds through my skull bones and that would cut out any issues that my middle ear was having. Oddly enough, Dr. Spanky knew what he was talking about as I could actually hear BETTER with the audio thing outside my ear. Crazy.

So the end result was more dope, more nose spray, continue working the NetiPot magic and just be patient. In other words it will get better sooner rather than later. Not really the answer I was looking for.

Poor Reese is tired of repeating herself for Daddy's sake and so is Mommy. I'll come back later in the week with a Reese central post but for now, I'm tired and ready for bed. Good night all. I can't hear the crickets but I guess that's not such a bad thing.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Just chilling with my girls.