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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The post title and the pic have nothing at all to do with one another but I try to link the titles to the post in some way and the tie in here is......drum roll......still can't hear all that well. YEAH!! The Reader's Digest version is that left ear has essentially gotten no better and late last week, my right ear started acted like it was going to clog. Finally Sunday night, it did. I woke up Monday morning with about 50% overall hearing overall and with a right ear that was clogged something terrible. THIS was the line in the sand. Once I arrived to the office I began the process of getting a referral to an ENT locally. By mid-day I was able to obtain the referral but through nothing more than fear...I did a couple of those hold your nose and swallow tricks and it helped a little bit. Later in the evening I did a really good nose blowy thing at the house and damn near blacked out. I blew something out of kilter because my ear made a squeaky farty noise and I then discovered that the TV was incredibly loud! My right ear opened up completely! Nothing on the left side but I could at least hear ambient noise or things with a low hum.....the dishwasher, the dryer, our fans, anything like that just couldn't be heard earlier in the day but now I was not as scared.

So....ENT appointment today. The Dr. was super dry and pretty  much to the point. He looked in my ear and made some comments about fluid behind my right ear drum and inward pressure on my left ear drum. He then sent me to an audiologist to have some hearing tests run. This young man couldn't have been 25 and he was a doctor. I started re-evaluating my sales career as this young fellow was called Dr. and he was at least 10 years younger than I.....who knew that you could be an audiologist and be called a doctor? Anyway....I highly recommend Brian Regan at this point because he does a great skit on hearing loss. The part about the hearing test is so relevant to my situation. I swear this kid was screwing around with me saying words that didn't exist. They test the right ear, then the left, then both, then they put something outside of your bad ear and on the bone behind your ear so you can hear things through your skull.......huh? Yeah, Junior said that I would hear the sounds through my skull bones and that would cut out any issues that my middle ear was having. Oddly enough, Dr. Spanky knew what he was talking about as I could actually hear BETTER with the audio thing outside my ear. Crazy.

So the end result was more dope, more nose spray, continue working the NetiPot magic and just be patient. In other words it will get better sooner rather than later. Not really the answer I was looking for.

Poor Reese is tired of repeating herself for Daddy's sake and so is Mommy. I'll come back later in the week with a Reese central post but for now, I'm tired and ready for bed. Good night all. I can't hear the crickets but I guess that's not such a bad thing.

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Papa Hall said...

Your ear problems remind me of my Junior year in H.S. I had played F.B. all season with a minor ear ache and by seasons end it was BAD! Dad took me to Rome to a Dr.Stewart and he vaccummed out my ears and then put some kind of drops in them and packed them full of cotton and said "DO NOT REMOVE!" till you return later in a few days! What a mess he got out of them it was sickly!Did he say for sure , you had a Brain ? LOL! LOL! LOL! Love Ya ! chicken and take care of your self and those beautiful girls of yours !Love Ya ! Papa2.0 and MawMaw