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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One year ago....

Almost one year ago to the much has changed with Reese. She is so talkative, so interested in helping or just being involved. She's pretty much feeding herself all the time now but we help her from time to time. She isn't working on the potties nearly as much as I would like her to but we'll get there. She seems so much more willing to try things now but in trying things she's also learning fear and to sometimes be afraid of things. I hate that she's losing that innocence of being a baby and having to learn what fear is but that's just life. She's not a fan of the dark, she doesn't like to be without you for too long but she's fearless on the steps and trusts us 100% because she'll just lean forward and fall off the steps expecting us to catch her......that's pretty much like a heart attack for Mommy and Daddy.

She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, she loves to sing, she loves controlling the TV while lying in our bed and she loves to crawl all over Mommy and Daddy any chance she gets. She loves to sing, laugh, play, and dance. She makes life so much much more fun. She's almost two. She's changing right before our eyes.....this time is going by too fast. I already miss the little girl in this picture but I'm having so much fun with the little girl from yesterdays post.

I hope I light up her life as much as she's lit up ours.

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