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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday sweetie!

Where has the time gone?

Kim and I were coming home from dinner tonight reminiscing about the night that Reese was born. We met her at 7:15p and to our surprise, we had a very big girl on our hands. 9 lbs. 10oz and literally trying to hold her little head up from the moment that we saw her. She gulped 2oz of food before the nurses knew what to do and was such an angel that first night while everyone poked and prodded on her. We were so nervous in that hospital room that night. I think every time she let out a whimper, we raised up to check on her....we slept like junk but we were so happy to have this little girl in our lives.

Fast forward two years and she's talking to us, she plays with us and makes us laugh so much. She is truly a blessing from God and Kim and I love her more than words can properly say. She's a ham when she wants to be, she's bossy sometimes, she laughs big and plays big....she is such a wonderful little person and I'm better off because I know her. If I didn't live with her, I'd want to....I'm so lucky to be this little girl's Daddy and I want to get better at this every day. I'm also lucky to have Kim because she is responsible for so much of the way Reese responds to challenges and the way she reacts with happiness and manners....yes manners at two. She says Thank you all the time and Kim introduced manners from the beginning so she understands it to a degree and doesn't act like we're putting her out to say these things.

So many kids buck authority and push back - and Reese does from time to time as well - but Kim has the patience of Job and stays the course with love, discipline, and more love. I've rarely seen Kim frustrated with Reese and that unconditional love is the main reason that our little girl isn't a hellion......yet. Sure, these are the "terrible two's" but we're not going to doom ourselves to that fate. These are the TERRIFIC twos, the TREMENDOUS twos.....She's a little girl learning the world around her. What can be so terrible about that. Kim will have to drag me along but her positive leadership and parenting is beyond compare....she was really made to be a Mommy.

All of that is about our little girl growing another year in life. Learning, loving, laughing and being our little pooks. We love you so much Reese. You've changed our lives so much for the better and I can only pray that your life is a charmed one. No challenges, no fear, no hurt, no tragedy.....I pray for a life that is full of opportunity and love. Happy Birthday punkin....Mommy and Daddy love you.

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