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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

30 Month Check-Up

Today we went for Reese's 30 month check-up, and she is a growing little girl!
She weighed in at 35.8lbs and is 38 inches which puts her in the 95% percentile in both categories.

Where does the time go?? I can't believe she is 21/2 years seems like only yesterday she was 21/2 months old. She is so much fun to be around. Her conversations, giggles, and funny faces she makes always keeps us entertained. We were truly blessed with a little angel!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Just Chillin w/ Pup Pup

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another year older....

I remember when 37 was old.

Now, 37 isn't's just hitting my prime. It's getting into the swing of things, hitting my groove, figuring it out, learning how to play....37 is the new 27. Right? Or no.....

I'm slightly immature for my age and I talk about things that most men my age would turn a nose up to or consider too crass. My mind is still brain believes that I can run a marathon tomorrow if required but my body says no way, Jose. I can jump in the bed of a pickup standing flat footed and can jump right out but something between here and there - yeah - there.....hurts like hell when I do that. I can't eat what I want....for that matter, I can't eat what I don't want because everything lands where I don't need it to. I can't do alot of things that I used to be able to...but truth is...I don't want to do those things anymore so screw you 37.

I make it sound like I'm hurting but things do take a minute to heal now. All of the running that Kim and I have been doing lately has made me stronger but its amazing how quickly it leaves you. I ran my fastest 5K the other day and two weeks later, you'd think that I've never run before in my life. Consistency must be the goal at this juncture and I haven't been all that consistent since that 30.20 5K.

All in all, things are well at this crossroad. My life is doing fine...great wife, wonderful little girl, good job, nice house, safe neighborhood, good neighbors....I drink a beer when I want and I tinker on my 3/4 acre slice of this world. That's what this deal is about isn't it? Experience all I can and enjoy all I have? Love my wife and my baby girl and be the best man I can be....I've not been the best man in the world but I promise, like a fine wine, I'll get better with age. I don't want to sound all copy cat here but a song by Tim McGraw sums it up sometimes...My Next Thirty Years. There are so many did thats....and will start doing this. I can't keep up with it but you know, I just want to grow old with my wife, watch my family grow and start their own families and then become the coolest Grandpa on the block. I've got plenty of years to do that but the journey starts today I suppose. No time like the present to start drinking Scotch and doling out life lessons.

Or, I could kill that Bud Lite Lime in the fridge and go for a run. Think I'll pound the beer and run today. EF- You 37!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reesie pics

So we may keep this thing running a little longer...seems as though the grandparents like it and some other family and friends too so, for now, it stays.

I would still love more traffic on this thing - NOT to make money because you can do that you know with ads. But to just have traffic. There's nothing like having a following and folks looking forward to an update. I'm not the best writer by a mile but it is nice to see that our little site is grabbing views. I'll probably spice up the colors and so on pretty soon but we'll do things slowly since August is hell month in terms of traveling more often than usual. Just part of the gig I suppose.

Ok...enough chatting. Some pics of Pooks.

 The last pics in the high chair! Reese is a big girl now and sits in a booster!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Should I shut it down?

So I've been wrestling with this question in my head.....should I just shutdown the blog?

For nothing more than time. I like posting, I like sharing our world with family and friends but I'll have to admit that it takes quite a dedication to this in terms of setting aside time with a clear head to document things that some folks may not really be interested in.

I don't get VOLUMES of traffic anymore but that may be because I don't post regularly. I'd love to have a blog that produced traffic in the range of 100+ hits a day but I gather a modest 25 or so and then on a big day with lots of pics, I've touched 70 or so. Maybe I should refresh the page a little....turn it into pics only and keep a hot update of it. Maybe I should talk about the blog on facebook and really push folks toward hearing what I have to say here. I mean I could really filet some folks with bad habits that I don't care for on this blog and they'd never know it.....or I could be equally as kind and they'd never know it either. Not that this is the venue for either but I've actually been trying to do the latter of late by recognizing good works vs. bad habits.

I think I've lost fringe family anyway....cousins don't check it much on either side. Friends check facebook and that's all...just the parents are the regulars and they can see us through facebook too. I never thought I'd admit it but it appears that facebook....the EVIL facebook is actually a decent tool for staying in touch. Hmmph. Whodathought?

Nothing is set in stone.....just a thought. If you like us, let me know. If you don't, let me know that as well. Maybe if I'd just be regular with updates, it would make the site more active. We'll see...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What is Reese doing?

I've still got a ton of pics to post of Hawaii...But I decided to interrupt that to post some stuff about Reese and what she's up to. Besides, Hawaii seems to long ago now and unfortunately we're back in the grind of daily life. Work, Dinner, Play with Reese, put her down, Sleep, do it again....It's hard to get other things in there nowadays. The yard calls, projects around the house call, our basement SUCKS and needs work, I've started a patio in the yard, we have a massive ant problem to which I'll quickly berate Arrow exterminators - they suck, their bug killing stuff sucks, their ant killing stuff sucks even more - and I pay $85 for the joy of having these jokers spray something around my house. I swear I think they're spraying attractant because nothing dies. We've got bugs in every sink, both tubs, crawling on the floor.......Sorry. I digress but this bug thing is pissing me off.

So....while we were gone, Reese started showing interest with Nana to pee and poop in the potty. Speed up several weeks and we're running almost accident free on both poops and pees. The pee pee is money in the bank. We put a diaper on her when she sleeps but at less then 2 1/2 yrs old, she is on the pee pee wagon. The poops are getting better as well and I'm so relieved about that. If we can keep this process running, Reese will be completely potty trained in the next week or so and won't have to wear those crazy potty pants to the pool anymore!!! YEAH!!

What's even better is that she's now peeing and pooping on the insert that fits the big potty...vs. the little potty. Poo poo in a little potty is pretty rank. It's like hot chocolate cake icing. I've cleaned the little potty one good time and I'm pretty much over that. I like poop in the big potty (the water is the key) and just wiping bottoms. Honestly, I think I'd rather clean diapers over clean poop in a waterless potty.

Reese is also out of her highchair and into a booster seat at home and in restaurants. She's made a very nice transition there and has yet to be a problem at a restaurant...until she sees a White headed man. She is terrified of white haired men....not sure why but it's an issue for her.

Another change that we've hit is showers vs. baths...which is SOOOO much easier for us and she loves them. It's easier to wash her hair, its easier to clean her up and get things rolling vs. staying in the tub for 30 minutes. We love that she loves showers because bath time is a breeze now! The evenings are made easier as well because she really understands the routine. She closes all the doors, we put in the water for the humidifier, we say prayers - to hear her say them is so cute, and we give big hugs and kisses. It's an awesome routine and she knows it by heart.

I'm pretty sure that's most of the changes other than an increasing vocabulary. She's growing up and changing right before our eyes and I just hate that it's happening so fast. I want to slow time down and really enjoy this but its not going to happen. I've just got to enjoy every day to the fullest and soak up what I can.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FINALLY....the Hawaii post.

Alright....My posting habits lately have been less than ideal, BUT (and I expect zero sympathy here) coming back from the Hawaiian islands and readjusting to the Eastern time zone has been a bit of a bitch this go around. Maybe it's because Kim and I are getting older...slowly but surely. Or maybe it has something to do with a little lady named Reese that we missed very badly while we were gone. Whatever the case....on Wednesday night, I finally can manage a little time to share our vacation.

This was our third amazing trip to the Hawaiian islands and all are thanks to the terrific company that I work for. When we meet sales goals and things go right....the company awards you with time and money to take a trip. I've been fortunate enough to win this trip 4 times and 3 of the 4 times....we've hit the islands. First, Oahu...what an amazing island. Full of bustle....full of life....but AMAZING sights to see everywhere you turn. Sure...there is a sense of commercialized hokey pokey but Oahu simply amazed us and we wanted more. After taking a cruise to the Caribbean the next year...we couldn't stand it....we had to go back. The second time, Maui. The locals say "Maui No Ko Oi" which essentially means that the best. Not very metropolitan...Great scenery....nice hotels.....Country (if Hawaii can be country) but not too removed from civilization. Think of it this way....Atlanta = Oahu. It seems that the locals literally can't stand the entire island unless that's home. Maui = Adairsville and Barnsley Gardens. You have enough conveniences to make it great...but no big cities on the water like Waikiki or Honolulu.

That was five years ago. Since that time, the economy crashed and buying boats or recreational ANYTHING took a dive and incentive trips were out the door. Until this year! Our group had been dragging in the doldrums of goals. Literally half or less than what we used to be, but finally things turned around enough, goals dropped to the reality of the day, and we hit it. Kim and I debated on what to do. We had already booked the Vail trip just by saving dollars so we didn't want to ski with this trip. We froze our tails off skiing so we didn't want to do an Alaskan cruise with this trip. And finally we knew that future vacations would be Reese centered type Disney World-ish vacations for a why not splurge one last time. These pics....are our splurge. Maui is TRULY No Ko Oi.

The grounds at the Sheraton Maui....

Our room is the first floor....the last one on the left. Closest to the beach!

Looking for a waterfall on the road to Hana!

All I could see was bamboo forests.

 Black sand beaches!

Shave ice....Kim says she doesn't like it.

A little tired of my sunset photo be honest, it was cool that night.

Kaanapali Beach

Cool beach access.

This will be part one....I'll load more pics shortly!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just a sample.....

Friday, June 24, 2011

Back home....

We've been idle for a little bit on the posting because we've been across the globe in Hawaii all of last week. Some fantastic pictures are coming so stay tuned.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wedding update....

So, the "Event" is over.

I kid because I care but I've had a little fun with Nicole's wedding, calling it the EVENT because she had like 30 attendants or something like that. Ok, was approximately half of 30 but was more folks standing in identical outfits for something than many collegiate marching bands. I don't think I know 15 people that I could convince to stand up for me so it's a testament to the likability of this couple on both sides.

The wedding seemingly went off without a hitch. If something went wrong we didn't know it - that's a good thing. No one stood up and protested the wedding. But now that I think about it, no one really had the opportunity to argue the cause. The pastor didn't offer that option....maybe those days are over or maybe society has gotten so bold that we don't need the invite to protest something, we just do it without being told that we can. one complained. NO one fell....I don't think. No fights. No drunken issues. No ambulances. No fainting. Success is always in the details isn't it?

The reception was very nice. A neat little food station thingy, decent music....with the typical wedding music (YMCA, Celebrate Good Times, We Are Family, Cupid Shuffle, the Sliiiiide the Left song, two hops one time...turn it up! Every-body clap your hands.......oh, sorry...I digress.) That's not necessarily anyone's fault. I think its the cheesy DJs that do weddings these days or maybe its because at some point, the drunk aunt or cousin will request those songs anyway so just play the songs and save the argument. Not that the description fits any person, place or thing from the McGivern wedding.

I think the moving moment for me was the Father/Daughter dance - seeing that it had all the makings of never happening several months back. For all practical purposes, John (Nicole's Dad) came about as close to dying as you can come without seeing the bright light at the end of the tunnel. Too many details there but John was incredibly sick and he walked his daughter down the isle, with no hip joint in one side, and then danced with her - or more importantly hugged her while a beautiful song played. Pretty moving stuff even if you don't have a heart for stuff like that.

I met Ryan and Nicole when they were probably still in preschool and now Ryan and his girlfriend come and hang out with us like we're they're age and Nicole just got married. It's pretty crazy how time flies and how things just happen right in front of your face. Kim and I wish Michael and Nicole nothing but the best and I just hope that Nicole is as good to Michael, as Kim is to me. Congratulations guys.

 Reese says Daddy....they're getting married...shhhhhhhhh.
Keeping little bit quiet during the wedding.

Very good pic of Lance and Celeste.

 Rick did something to piss off Aunt Nina....just saying.

Paw Paw and Reese doing Cheesy-wheezy.

 Something is on Paw Paw's face..oooooooo!

More cheesing.

Kim, Reese, and Nana.

My dancing queen.

 Best pic ever.

Second best pic ever.

Third best pic....EVAR!