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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reesie pics

So we may keep this thing running a little longer...seems as though the grandparents like it and some other family and friends too so, for now, it stays.

I would still love more traffic on this thing - NOT to make money because you can do that you know with ads. But to just have traffic. There's nothing like having a following and folks looking forward to an update. I'm not the best writer by a mile but it is nice to see that our little site is grabbing views. I'll probably spice up the colors and so on pretty soon but we'll do things slowly since August is hell month in terms of traveling more often than usual. Just part of the gig I suppose.

Ok...enough chatting. Some pics of Pooks.

 The last pics in the high chair! Reese is a big girl now and sits in a booster!

1 comment:

Papa Hall said...

Love, Love, Love, The pictures of Reese and of course Kim and yourself ! Can't wait to see the professional photographer's pictures also ! We Love you , Miss Reese , Kim, and Adam from Papa and Mam Maw Hall