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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another year older....

I remember when 37 was old.

Now, 37 isn't's just hitting my prime. It's getting into the swing of things, hitting my groove, figuring it out, learning how to play....37 is the new 27. Right? Or no.....

I'm slightly immature for my age and I talk about things that most men my age would turn a nose up to or consider too crass. My mind is still brain believes that I can run a marathon tomorrow if required but my body says no way, Jose. I can jump in the bed of a pickup standing flat footed and can jump right out but something between here and there - yeah - there.....hurts like hell when I do that. I can't eat what I want....for that matter, I can't eat what I don't want because everything lands where I don't need it to. I can't do alot of things that I used to be able to...but truth is...I don't want to do those things anymore so screw you 37.

I make it sound like I'm hurting but things do take a minute to heal now. All of the running that Kim and I have been doing lately has made me stronger but its amazing how quickly it leaves you. I ran my fastest 5K the other day and two weeks later, you'd think that I've never run before in my life. Consistency must be the goal at this juncture and I haven't been all that consistent since that 30.20 5K.

All in all, things are well at this crossroad. My life is doing fine...great wife, wonderful little girl, good job, nice house, safe neighborhood, good neighbors....I drink a beer when I want and I tinker on my 3/4 acre slice of this world. That's what this deal is about isn't it? Experience all I can and enjoy all I have? Love my wife and my baby girl and be the best man I can be....I've not been the best man in the world but I promise, like a fine wine, I'll get better with age. I don't want to sound all copy cat here but a song by Tim McGraw sums it up sometimes...My Next Thirty Years. There are so many did thats....and will start doing this. I can't keep up with it but you know, I just want to grow old with my wife, watch my family grow and start their own families and then become the coolest Grandpa on the block. I've got plenty of years to do that but the journey starts today I suppose. No time like the present to start drinking Scotch and doling out life lessons.

Or, I could kill that Bud Lite Lime in the fridge and go for a run. Think I'll pound the beer and run today. EF- You 37!!


Papa Hall said...

No! 37 isn't old!...It's just hitting your prime! It's getting into the swing of things! Hitting your groove! Figuring it out! Learning how to play!......I don't know where or what you've had your head up! But,37 is really when you think you've finally got things going your way and then you find out your head and your ass are'nt onboard and they start a rebellion against your body and mind!(You been smokin'weed or something?) Have you been writing speeches for Obama secertly ?

Nana said...

I've always been told..Life is what YOU make it.Life is certainly all about choices..Sometimes we don't always make the right ones,but learn from the bad ones.Oh yes, your body will tell you quickly..Why are you dong that to me??!! Love to all