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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our schedule is dorked up.....

So yeah....the other day when I said that the Doc was wrong about the 6oz feeding.....mmmmm maybe we were wrong about that. Since we offered the 6oz, it seems that the 4oz bottles started ticking her off more than satisfying her hunger. Three hour intervals turned to 2 hours and threatened to go shorter...we were sort of baffled.

So in our infinite wisdom, we pushed her to 5oz but the time between is all over the map now. Three hours, four hours, sometimes she starts chirping around 2 hours....we've created a monster. Papa and Grandma came down today and she was pretty good all in all but between obvious tired spells and unpredictable hunger screams, well....Mommy and Daddy are a little tired tonight.

I'll throw some cute pics out there Monday or Tuesday because I see a 10pm bedtime in Kimmy and Adam's future.

Friday, May 29, 2009

First video of our little talker.....

Yeah, I know. Daddy sounds like a moron doing the little ner ner ner ner sound to Reese but it works so zip it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The two month report card....What's Reese doing now?

Kim has been making a little list of Reese's likes and dislikes for Krissy when she starts to keep her around the three month mark...and we probably realize that what is ok today, may not be ok then....and vice versa but its neat to look at the list and see the little personality that Reese is developing. Here are some of our observations:
  • Reese cannot stand to NOT be a part of the action. It doesn't matter if we're just preparing dinner, she has to be right where we are. Otherwise, we'll hear the EP......EHHHP...noise. Try to imagine that Umbrella song by Rihanna and you know where she says Under my umbuhrella ella ella EP EP EP.....sounds just like that.
  • She loves ceiling fans. If she can see one...she's captivated by it. ???
  • She LOVES her swing. She'll fall asleep in it all the time.
  • She NEEDS to be swaddled in order to sleep well. We're working toward a loose swaddle this weekend and hopefully she'll start to ease off this a little. If she's super tired, she'll sleep regardless but she still has the Kung Fu fists of fury and they wake her up.
  • Reese doesn't really need a pacifier. She'll use it to fall asleep sometimes but she'll spit it out once she's really on the way to sleepy-town. By and large...she doesn't require it and we're not sad about it.
  • We're only eating 4oz now but Mommy and Daddy will load her up with 5oz before bed. The load up will get us 7 hours pretty consistently. She is waking up once for some chow around 4-5am and then that 4oz will push us through into the morning. She CANNOT handle 6oz like the doc suggested she might be able to. Spitzville.
  • Reese doesn't burp all that well. You need to stay after her sometimes to get that burp and it can take 10 minutes if she's just in that mood.
  • She doesn't care to lay back when you hold her. She wants to sit up and see the world. Nosey Rosey. She will "recline" when walking in the stroller but that's a limited timeline.
  • The car seat makes her hot now. It just doesn't breath enough for her right now but she's not sleeping in it anymore.
  • The jungle bouncy seat is keeping her attention now and she loves it.
  • I don't know if she has ever fallen asleep on her stomach. Yeah yeah, we know she shouldn't but you'd think at some point the boppy would just wear her yet.
  • She sleeps well but she's not quite through the night and that's ok for two months, right?
  • Smiles are coming like crazy. She smiles sooooo big for us and we just love it.
  • She'll chat with us too. She'll babble and if we babble back....we can start a conversation that will last 5 minutes or more.
Most of all, we just love her to death. Reese is such an amazing little girl and we're so very thankful for her.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I almost forgot!!

The stats!

Baby girl now weighs 13lbs 13oz. She is 24 inches long.

Two months ago...she was 9lb 10oz and was 20.5 inches. She's a growing baby girl!

Happy Two months!!

Today is Reese's two month birthday!

So what did we do special for the little munchkin's birthday? She got four shots and an oral vaccine...YIPEEE!

Poor thing was getting a little aggravated to begin with as it was alllllmost chow time. And of course, the doctors office was a little slow but they were thorough and we appreciate that. (they really are very good with Reese and that little extra attention means alot to us.) The doc prepped us that we were having four shots today and that she could run a little fever and would be a little tired this afternoon....Kim however was not completely prepared for Reese's reaction. 1st shot...delayed reaction but she quickly calmed down. 2nd shot...quicker reaction and a more sustained shreak, but she calmed down once again. 3rd shot....different leg....that Holy Crap look come over her face. You could just see her looking to us to stop it....then the 4th shot. Ohmylord. I think the docs know that after the 4th shot and the lung comes loose, its time to stop. Poor thing hit the high note shreak and then did the little lip/toungue quiver. It broke our hearts. Kim quickly swept her up and held her close and surprisingly enough, she calmed down but man was she done with shots.

This afternoon...she's been pretty good. She slept well...we tried to advance to 6 oz at feeding but that proved to be a waste....spittal! We hung out in the yard for a little while talking to our neighbor - K is such an awesome neighbor and will be watching Reese when Kim goes back to work...YEAH K! So the fussiness that can accompany shots hasn't really reared its head yet...hopefully she'll sleep well tonight. Enough for now....Enjoy some 2 month birthday pics and hopefully I can get a video up this evening.

Not 100% happy about her birthday

Feeling a little better...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Like the new blog?

I've tried to update the blog with a new header and a new look.....what do you think?

Leave a comment and tell us what you think?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

We've had alot going on...

Since I landed Friday afternoon and made it to the house, we've been on go all weekend.

Friday afternoon started with a dose of Holiday traffic from hell. I literally stayed in stop and go junk from Camp Creek Parkway (basically the airport) up through 575 coming to the house. I was about three more miles from a mild breakdown. I get home, hug Mommy, hug baby. Mommy leaves to take the borrowed pack and play back to Scott and Michelle....I play with Reese, feed her, change the diapy then get on the road to see my Cousin's graduation in Dalton.

Elizabeth graduated from Sonoraville High on Friday night and will be heading down to Tifton this fall and hopefully back to Athens to graduate from UGA in a few short years. Kim and I are so proud of her and she's likely living a dream of my own if she ends up going to UGA. Good luck E-whiz. It's unbelievable that you've grown up so quickly. Life has gotten in the way of me spending more time with you while you've been growing up but it certainly doesn't mean it has to stay that way. Be safe and make good decisions and you'll be fine.

Saturday....we celebrated another graduate. Kim's cousin, Nicole, graduated from the aforementioned University of Georgia in four short years to become a teacher. We went to the party to celebrate this accomplishment and as usual....Kim's family gathers big and parties big. Though not the size and intensity of Lance and Celeste's wedding party and the Christmas throw down from Five months ago, but a good gathering nonetheless. This is another one that just escaped us....Nicole is done with college! It just seems weird to look at her and think of her working a job and being all grown up. We're proud of you Nicole and wish you all the best that life has. Good luck finding a teaching job. We know you'll do awesome with your kids.

Since its nearly impossible to caption this many pics and keep it in line...follow along from left to right and work down - Four generations of Kim's family girls....Grams, Nan, Kim, and Reese. And Grandpa got in the action too. Nancy, Karen, Nadine and her niece. Kim, Nicole, Lance, Celeste. Ash and Ryan. Me and Nicole (rare pic of me on the blog). Norma and Reese. Keefy. Goller men talking it over...Marty, Grandpa, and Charlie. Neleh, NICOLAS, and Kaylie (probably spelled that wrong...sorry).

Reese did well with the crowd but it seems like we're moving because we bring so much stuff with us....that'll make a good post later on so I'll save the details.

Sunday, we did it again. We had a surprise graduation party for Raquelle as she is graduating from High school as well. So is Brandon and Kevin but we sort of did that at Christmas. I mean the whole family is graduating from something this year, huh? Hey...we're proud of all of you. Work hard, dream big, and you'll achieve more than you ever thought you could.

Kim and I visited with my parents before the surprise party so we've been in Calhoun most of the day. Once the party started, we ate some burgers, folks played with Reesie-pie, the Gollers started a game of Canasta, and Kim and I hiked back to the Stock.......guess what, we're pooped. My girls are sleeping right now and I'm getting ready to follow them. Reese is swinging away grunting occasionally and Kim has passed out on the couch. This weekend was fun but man was it busy....I think we'll sleep in on Monday!! I'll say goodnight with some sweet pics of Reese...Enjoy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beautiful Day and Warm Smiles....

Reese and I have been enjoying the beautiful weather we have had so far this week. We have been able to take a walk each day to get some fresh air. The length of our walks have varied, but I'm thankful to at least get some exercise in each day this week.

Reese is really starting to show her little personality. She is such a happy baby and smiles ALL the time. It absolutely melts our hearts when she looks at us and gives us one of her sweet little smiles.

Enjoy the pics Daddy...we can't wait to see you on Friday!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Baby pics...and a little rambling....

When we lived in Cartersville we moved into this awesome house on a SUPER busy country road. Kim and I called it the Bells Ferry 500 because people would F.L.Y. down this little two lane country back road and we didn't really know that at the like idiots, we moved in and we were the first official "tenants" on the street in a row of about 12 houses that never sold. (I'll save that story for another day.)

This is a bit of a long walk but we'll get there.....When we moved in, we had the street to ourselves for probably three to four months. Then. The neighbors moved in. If you know us and know our story you know that these were the neighbors from hell. They didn't take care of their house, they didn't work in the yard (drove me nuts), didn't watch their Fifty-eleven kids running all over the surrounding yards and into the Bells Ferry 500, they didn't do ANYTHING. Period. End of story.

Among the Fifty-Eleven kids running around this place (no joke they had like 7-8 kids) were these two little boys that were about 3 or 4 years old. These little boys were about as rambunctious as any two boys could be. They used to put BIG sticks in the air condition fan outside, they would throw rocks at the house and I assume the windows as well. They rolled in dirt, mud, and dog poop.

These little boys used to come out and see me working in the anomaly to them in itself....and yell, at the top of their lungs

"HEY!!!!!! WHATCHU DOING?!?!?!?!".

To which I quit responding after about the Thousandth time. The kids meant well but opening up the conversation meant hours of answering questions about what I was indeed doing and answering a bunch of "why" questions.....anyway, I told you all of that to tell you this. Reese looks just like she's saying the same thing in these pics.


That was an incredibly long walk to tag a one sentence phrase on some pics but those little boys were cute kids, sort of funny..... and they didn't deserve the situation they found themselves in. Kim and I were thinking about those two boys not too long ago and the sad situation that they're probably in today. (I mean it was rough in good times, I can only imagine their situation now that times are tougher.) Nearly three years after they moved in...they had to leave because of financial issues. (Parents didn't pay bills either but the Dad like his drugs and was in prison) The house was absolutely destroyed inside but an older couple took a chance and bought the house at a phenomenal discount. They told us one day that those little boys had written in their closets that they didn't want to leave and that they loved their house. As happy as I was to see the mess leave, we both felt horrible for those young boys.

That kind of turned sad didn't it....sorry...I guess that stuff makes us want to show Reese every day no matter what is happening, that she is the center of our world and we love her more than anything. Much more than to let her wander into the race track that was Bells Ferry Road....and more than enough to answer the question....Hey Mommy.....Hey Daddy....Whatchu doing?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big weekend....big post.

So we had a reasonably large weekend at the Hall household....tons to talk about...lots of pics too. Kim and I both had alot that we wanted to accomplish because believe it or not...our productivity since March 27th on the weekends has been questionable at best. And with good reason of course...Reesie Pie takes up alot of time, but we love every second. Anyway... I've been adamant that it was time to start addressing this huge bed in our front yard that has been empty since our arrival but it serves a purpose (its pretty steep there and cutting grass would be a pain) so over the past couple weekends I've been adding in Daylilies and then we plan to add something that will be visible in the winter time down the center - you can see in the pics that there is an empty spot down the middle so we're going to find something to put there.

Another part of our yard that bothers us is the lack of anything in the woods in our backyard. In my opinion, we have an awesome backyard...its shady starting around 2pm so Hosta are perfect for the woods. Now....I admit that we need to work on the "yard" part because as nice as it is for sitting on the deck... grass is incredibly hard to grow in shade that starts around 2pm. An additional issue that we've had up until recently was the fact that two dogs were peeing on everything that stood higher than three inches. When Rocky was alive, he would pee on something and then Baxter just couldn't have it that he hadn't peed there too so everything had double the pee. And as luck would have it - Dog pee will kill anything and everything so EVERY PLANT that we have planted in the back has died because of Rocky and Baxter. Yeah! Anyone want a plant killing Beagle? By planting anything we're tempting fate or wasting money. One of the two.

Once an awesome display of Shade gardening done in by PEE.

So completing the outside tasks meant we could come inside. When we moved here we knew what we were getting in to with a house that was around 20 years old so you have these little issues that need the back door knob. You needed two hands to lock and unlock the handle because something was dorked up inside the thing. (not anymore) Like the upstairs shower that needed a new handheld spray head because Reese is graduating to baths up there instead of in the sink...she'll still be in the little tub but we're prepping for big girl baths and the shower head needed replacing...also...the tub sprayed at you for some reason when you turned the shower on...So we fixed that too. Put up some shelves in Reese's room, Kim cleaned up and down, I mean we killed it this weekend. Yeah for us!

Reese put up with everything reasonably well and while she's been feeling pretty good, but she has been doing this little choky thing lately. Saturday she was laying on the mat for her little gym and she was just chilling then all of the sudden she stiffened up and starting hacking. I pick her up, pat her back and she's still choking. Her little eyes started watering so now I'm scared to death. Basically, it seems like too much slobber and she'll lock down between a cough, yawn, burp and this little choking thing happens. We've probably had this happen about 5 times since her birth and she ends up being fine but it will absolutely scare the hell out of you when it happens.

Well....that's a long enough post for now. I travel this week so Kim will take the helm later in the week for posts and I might cover some stuff from the road. Love to all....say a prayer for little Reesie Pie!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Formula tastes horrible...

Quick update on the goings on from this week.

Tuesday: Kim took Reese back to the Dr. on Tuesday for a 10 day check up after her one month debacle....ehhhhh maybe it wasn't really a debacle but we found that Reese had an ear infection and albeit a mild one, she was still a little sick and that weighed on our minds alot over the past 10 days. In the end, the medicine has made some super nasty diapers for about a week and a half but it did make her better. No ear issues and no fever so little bit is just fine now.

The other interesting note is that Reese now weighs 13lb 3 oz....hehehehe Chunky Munkey! It's so funny because we stumbled on another Blog and this lady mentioned that her 4 month old had made it to 14 lbs. which doubled her birth weight...Sounds as if Reese has a little head start when compared to that particular little one. Our Dr. says her weight is at or right above the 95th percentile but I'm not completely sure if that's good or bad. I guess if she were too big, the Dr. would be jumping down our throats but she hasn't said anything to date. It's not like we've been shoving formula down her throat. We stay on a schedule as best we can so it appears to be having the desired effect....happy, healthy baby.

Wednesday: A note on Formula....don't try it. Being nosey...I tried it. I should have known better because when we mix it, the stuff stinks horrible bad but that didn't stop me. I tipped the nipple free bottle to my lips and did that curled upper lip sip that means you're pretty much ready to yack on site. Jeez, that stuff is awful....I didn't "give back" but I could have. The stuff doesn't mix with cookies but it could help you lose your cookies real quick. Nasty...

Today, Kim took a trip to Gainesville to visit with her office and Reese did pretty well on the way, during, and on the way back. It's 90 minutes each way so this could have been a disaster based on some of her trips lately where she loses her mind and her lungs come unhinged. Thankfully she spared Mommy the temporary loss of hearing from a lip quivering scream during the outing....Thank you Reesie Pie.

This weekend is filled with projects and plantings so I'll be dodging showers trying to work outside and Kimmy will be chilling with Reese and having lunch with some buddies up in the Hoon. Try on some baby pics from last night....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cuddle pics...

Our little cutie is already sitting in her that fast? I don't really know for sure but 7 weeks seems pretty fast to try it but not like she sits in it for hours while watching TV. She tries it for about 5 minutes and sort of looks like she's wadded up the whole time but still...She's 7 weeks old so we're pretty impressed.

Alright...this is a short post because I have to write some Thank you cards that are a little late. Hey, we've been a little busy here lately. See ya!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What the?

This isn't a long post at all but we still watch "Lost" and the season finale was on tonight.....What the hell?

I'm as confused as ever now and the show won't be back on until 2010. It's May so sometime next year the show will commence with some more episodes. Don't ever get hooked on a dumb show.

Baby pics tomorrow, I promise.