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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Two months!!

Today is Reese's two month birthday!

So what did we do special for the little munchkin's birthday? She got four shots and an oral vaccine...YIPEEE!

Poor thing was getting a little aggravated to begin with as it was alllllmost chow time. And of course, the doctors office was a little slow but they were thorough and we appreciate that. (they really are very good with Reese and that little extra attention means alot to us.) The doc prepped us that we were having four shots today and that she could run a little fever and would be a little tired this afternoon....Kim however was not completely prepared for Reese's reaction. 1st shot...delayed reaction but she quickly calmed down. 2nd shot...quicker reaction and a more sustained shreak, but she calmed down once again. 3rd shot....different leg....that Holy Crap look come over her face. You could just see her looking to us to stop it....then the 4th shot. Ohmylord. I think the docs know that after the 4th shot and the lung comes loose, its time to stop. Poor thing hit the high note shreak and then did the little lip/toungue quiver. It broke our hearts. Kim quickly swept her up and held her close and surprisingly enough, she calmed down but man was she done with shots.

This afternoon...she's been pretty good. She slept well...we tried to advance to 6 oz at feeding but that proved to be a waste....spittal! We hung out in the yard for a little while talking to our neighbor - K is such an awesome neighbor and will be watching Reese when Kim goes back to work...YEAH K! So the fussiness that can accompany shots hasn't really reared its head yet...hopefully she'll sleep well tonight. Enough for now....Enjoy some 2 month birthday pics and hopefully I can get a video up this evening.

Not 100% happy about her birthday

Feeling a little better...

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