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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our schedule is dorked up.....

So yeah....the other day when I said that the Doc was wrong about the 6oz feeding.....mmmmm maybe we were wrong about that. Since we offered the 6oz, it seems that the 4oz bottles started ticking her off more than satisfying her hunger. Three hour intervals turned to 2 hours and threatened to go shorter...we were sort of baffled.

So in our infinite wisdom, we pushed her to 5oz but the time between is all over the map now. Three hours, four hours, sometimes she starts chirping around 2 hours....we've created a monster. Papa and Grandma came down today and she was pretty good all in all but between obvious tired spells and unpredictable hunger screams, well....Mommy and Daddy are a little tired tonight.

I'll throw some cute pics out there Monday or Tuesday because I see a 10pm bedtime in Kimmy and Adam's future.


Lindsey said...

sounds like the beginning of a growth spurt to me!

jill said...

yikes, mom & dad! sounds like a rough day. i agree with the growth spurt theory for sure! hope tonight brings some good sleep!