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Monday, June 1, 2009

Growth spurt? What the heck is that?

Hey....whaddaya know. Another thing that no one really tells you about. Growth spurts....who the hell knew this curve ball was coming?

Lemme set the stage. Reese eats, sleeps, and potties well. She's on a decent little schedule and has been rocking like a champ lately. We bought the devil book "Baby Wise" and while we haven't really implemented PDF - parental directed feeding - we were really close to syncing schedules with little bit just by accident. I call "Baby Wise" the devil book because most every pediatrician flips their lid when referencing the book. This is not our PERSONAL experience but when you look on the web...the book becomes fodder for anyone looking to write something nasty.....but I digress.

So, three Another At night, we would fill 'er up and she CONSISTENTLY got 7 hours of sleep. I mean almost 100% of the time. Then we tried to push her at the docs suggestion....I know some of this is rehash but I'm in the mood to type...and she spit nearly 2oz back up that night. Next day or so.....FUSSY-VILLE. She has been a pill lately and it seemingly all boils down to food. After reading some web articles today we realized that maybe we were missing up a little.....we gave her 5oz but we pushed her feeding times out by one hour each time.


The American Institute of Pediatrics or something like that says that a baby should probably eat around 2.5oz per pound of weight. Reese weighs 13lbs - heading to 14lbs and that equals around 32oz daily. Figure a 5oz feeding per sitting...the only way to do that is feed her every three hours up to bed time. Essentially....we were shorting her about 2oz during the day and she was flipping her lid about it. Now Reese was wanting CLUSTER feedings. (another new term but one that made sense nonetheless) BAD PARENTS!!!!! BAD!!

So Reese has called us on our math error and has decidedly pointed out the error of our ways. She eats shortly so this may be another 10pm bedtime for Kim and I just to make things easier for her....yeah...things should be easy for the baby.

Well, you've heard enough baby feeding stories so here are couple pics of the munchkin yesterday sitting with Mommy.


jill said...

isn't it incredible how quickly they become the boss of everything?!?

Tara said...

Umm, baby wise. It does have some good points but it is not for the faint of heart. I tried it with Ramsey around 6 weeks and he cried and I cried. We tried some of the sleeping techniques around 12 weeks and they worked! At about 14 weeks he was able to get himself to sleep and sleep through the night. I guess what I am saying is maybe use it a little but don't let it be the gospel of baby raising. Ramsey still goes through growth spirts. He barely eat for several days and then will eat like a maniac. Kids, they will fill your heart with love and tear your brain apart.

doubletrouble said...

Just when you think you have them figured out and in a routine, they switch things up on you ...always. Lauryn still changes her rountine up sometimes (we are teething now). There's nothing you can do to change anything most of the time. I'm sure that she is just having a growth spurt and will go back to her sleeping 7 hours at night. Have you read "Happiest baby on the block" or "The lullabye sleep" book? Very good, basically just talks about always putting your baby to bed "drowsy" but, not asleep. That way if they wake in the middle of the night, they learn to soothe themselves back to sleep. Good luck! She is a doll!