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Thursday, June 25, 2009

One step at a time....

Thank God it's ALMOST Friday....The first brutal week is almost over and we're so happy. I hate to say that Kim is doing great but between a few tears here and there, I think she is doing better than I had envisioned. Kim is an incredibly strong woman and sometimes she refuses to accept that. We're both pretty emotional but I probably open up easier in most cases than Kim...those that know me will attest that I'll tell you just about anything that you don't really need to know., she might hold back a little more. So I've been staying on her about this week and I'm satisfied that she's doing ok. Time will heal the hurt of being away from Reese during the day but I'm pretty sure Kim will have these feelings until Reese is grown....just maybe not as intense as this week.

We're very appreciative of all the thoughts and prayers that have been sent our way this week and could use some next week as well since that will only be the second week of a tough return.

This afternoon Reesie-Pie tried a little Tummy time and played with Mommy for a bit. Then she slung a rod on Daddy while Kim went to town for a of those tired fits but she narked out pretty quickly.

How stinking precious!!

Uh oh....she's pissed.

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