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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Work week update...

We made it to hump day and our sanity is still intact....imagine that!

This week has sort of worked in stages -
--Monday, that morning was horrible. Kim worked from the home office and was sort of able to do so without alot of fanfare and we spent good time with our Reesie-Pie that night.
EASING BACK IN --Tuesday, she went to her regional office and now folks realize that "Oh....Kimmy is back!" so things sort of set in more.
A LITTLE LESS UNREST --Wednesday, yeah this was a hard one too because she's now back at work...folks realize it and Reese is within minutes of the home office. I'm hoping that Thursday and Friday get a little easier for Kim just from the standpoint of that overwhelming feeling with everything changing so fast this week.

Why can't we be independently wealthy? I guess our neighbors are because Kim and I seem like the only dummies leaving the house or staying in a home office to work from 8 to 5. Oh well....

In the meantime, check out the new bibs that we got from Tara Nicole. Her blog has some awesome bibs and we decided to order a few for Pumpkin-Doolittle.

And here is a closing pic of Reese!


Tara said...

Thanks for the shout out. I am glad you guys are getting through what I can only imagine is an intense week. Only two more until the weekend!

jill said...

love the bibs!!! sophie has several like that ... but a couple of them are laminated and have a pocket to catch drips and dribbles. we LOVE them. and SO SO glad to hear you guys are surviving the week. it's a hard one i'm sure. but it's thursday! you're almost to the weekend!