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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Summary

Before I dig into the details of Reese and our weekend I want to update the progress....if for no one but myself for retrospect...of my Enbrel shots and psoriasis treatment. I hate, I mean I freaking HATE needles/shots yet today was the second shot that I've given myself and I wouldn't do this if I didn't see pretty much immediate results. (Kim will attest that the process leading up to the shot is a good dose of me seriously stressing and nearly getting sick.) Guess what....I see pretty much immediate results. I've not taken one Soriatane pill all week since the first shot and have used very little Taclonex ointment to knock things back from a topical standpoint. I do a decent job keeping my skin from being a nightmare for me and for any one else - not the most beautiful thing to see - but behind the scenes its a drag to deal with. Soriatane knocked things back for a while but side effects and waning effectiveness pushed my Derm to consider Enbrel but the drug is a user administered shot. Ugh..... skin is visibly clearing up and QUICKLY. Thank you Lord! My arms are immediately better, my ankles look so much better and some other random spots have literally smoothed out over night seemingly. Anything that works is the miracle drug for the period of time that it is effective and right now, while I hate shots...I love Enbrel.

Anyway.....the weekend went by too fast as usual. We ate out Friday night with Lance/Celeste and Ryan/Jenni at Taco Mac and Reese did fantastic! She slept most of the meal and then just sat in her car seat while we finished which is amazing. We came home and chilled out for a while and she slept great that night. Saturday was date, day for Kim and I. Wanna know what we did? We went to the tile store! Oh date at Floor and Decor. Nanna and Grams came down to spend time with Reese and they watched her while Stud Daddy took Mamma Bear out on this most salacious date. Yeah, not a good first date but you do what you have to because we're studying on a bathroom remodel and the tile doesn't seem to hold Reese's attention long enough to allow Mommy and Daddy to shop. After that, I had words with our, no, not bad words...he showed off his garden for about an hour. The guy is super into his plants and I'll have to say, I'm no Victory Garden conissieur but I was mildly impressed. And for my troubles/time, he gave me a beer. After that, I finally got some stuff done around the house. Sunday was a slow, easy day. We didn't do much at all and Reese chilled too. All in was a perfect weekend but there is still this cloud of the last week of maternity leave lingering over everything.

I know I promised more upbeat posts but it'll take these next couple weeks passing before this fog lifts. Besides, this is a big deal and I don't want Kim to feel like I'm trivializing her feelings. I have the same ones so lets just keep it short and sweet and say that this last week is going to be super emotional...super great...and super sad because I won't be here to share it until Friday. Wouldn't you know that I have to travel this week so I'll be supporting Kim from the road three nights this week.....what a drag.

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jill said...

saying lots of prayers for you guys this week and next. it sucks to leave them. tell kim that i'm sending her lots of mama love this week!