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Sunday, June 21, 2009

A great day....

But the 800lb elephant sat ever present in the house all weekend long. This is it, the Sunday that we've both dreaded since we found out Kim was pregnant 11 months ago (July 21st). The last day on maternity leave. So here is the conversation that we/I have with ourselves....we are NOT the only parents to do this. We are in fact very normal and very average - nothing special outside of our own lives and this "drama" is very, very normal. We have a fantastic situation with Krissy watching Reese just right down the street....In fact we're walking her to Krissy's house in the morning. We have a great situation with Kim's work with her being home based largely and even when she does go in the office, she has a very flexible schedule...unlike mine. We have a beautiful healthy little girl and she will be fine. She'll be leaving home for years and years and coming back home each and every time.

Today was indeed a great day. My first Father's day...the whole crew down for dinner...and my two girls. I love them both so much.

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jill said...

happy father's day!!!! we'll be praying for you guys this week as you make the big adjustment. hoping it's not too rough!