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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Summary...

It has been a good weekend. We didn't knock half of a "To Do List" off the charts...we didn't take a special trip anywhere...we didn't do anything all that spectacular...we just hung out with our little girl and loved her. We just want to be with her all the time and even putting her to bed this evening was a little bitter sweet. Kim and I have been trying to make sure that we do everything so that Reese is sleeping well and one of those things is finally putting her to bed in the evenings rather than letting her swing or sleep in the bouncy seat. I don't like it. I like her being right here with us but I guess Daddy needs to get beyond it and just know that she's right upstairs.

Mommy is taking it just as hard but she's also seeing the end of maternity leave and that is weighing VERY heavily on her mind of late. I can only imagine her sadness and anticipation by being away from Reese and whether she's had "enough" time off or not doesn't matter.....she's dreading two weeks from Monday and I don't blame her. I probably wasn't the ideal husband a couple times this weekend but I love her immeasurably and I can't begin to explain the way I feel about her since Reese was born. It's very true that you see your wife in an entirely new light after the birth of a child and Kim is not only my partner but she gave me Reese....I love you sweetie. Everything will be ok.

Ok...back to the summary....I mowed, sprayed for weeds, Kim cleaned inside, we washed clothes, went to Babies R Us, ate out, went to the tile store, Reese threw a fit, Reese threw a fit all the way home, she got a bath and we all went to bed. That was Saturday.

Sunday....we slept in, Kim cooked breakfast, she went grocery shopping, I rode my bike, got a flat, walked home, Papa and Grandma came to visit, we ate Mellow Mushroom and I gave MYSELF a shot. Holy Sh*t that hurt. (I'm finally starting my Enbrel for psoriasis versus the devil drug Soriatane). I guess this is notable for me because I want to remember when I took the first shot and can gauge the success or lack thereof.

Anyway...Monday comes too quickly.

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jill said...

the end of maternity leave is hard! for me, the last week of being home was harder than the week i had to leave her. the nerves were the worst part for me. hope it's not too hard on y'all! cute pictures, just like always!