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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why we don't facebook....REVISED

My better half read this post and thought I should clarify a little better as I could be perceived as being a jerk......Take II.

If you come to our're obviously wanting to check in on the goings on at the Hall house. Wouldn't that be a safe assumption? Maybe it's blogger "stalking"( a blogger term for checking other peoples blogs), maybe its just being addicted to blogger ( we are), maybe its because you care about our members of our new little family....and yes....its ok to be interested or.....even nosey as well without having any ties to us whatsoever. I mean we put it out there for all to see so why not check it out, right? But folks....we don't facebook.

I mean, we really don't care that some "Roy" from our past or present ate some bad sushi last night and is about to scream at his toilet. Call it insensitive....that's ok, we don't mind. The thing that I dislike about Facebook is that I have to see all this mess on my mainpage that my friends on facebook have to say and if I remove it and opt not to see the comments about life's indecisions that don't pertain to me....then everyone knows it. You can't silently blackball anyone without hurting their feelings. Once you've accepted see every time they choose to update you. Maybe weekly updates are fine but your Walmart run is a little less exciting then it may seem at the time. I think I would like facebook better if I could choose to check out other posts on my own time versus seeing it on my main page each time I log in. Does that make sense? come to our page at your leisure. I check on other pages but I don't have to see it right front and center but it might just be that I want to know about your Walmart run so I check out the post.

I was shamed into signing on to facebook to see a friends photo's and now it's like wearing the "rrrrribbon" supporting AIDs ala Jerry Seinfeld epidsode "The Sponge". I'm afraid that Bob and Cedric are about to jump out of my screen and ask why I will not post on facebook. "Heeee posts on de Facebook......iiiiiii post on de how come YOU will not POSTS on de facebook?!?!?!"

Look, this blog is a handful. It's our life story versus "Deep Thoughts via facebook". In fact we've published this blog to a book and plan on continuing because this is better than any scrapbook could ever be. Of course we can't put little treasures in hot glue to keep for all time but we make sacrifices in life don't we.

I know....I know...this is an antisocial stance on facebook because there are wonderful things that come from this site. Old friends reunite, people probably find love, and families keep in touch....that is indeed a wonderful thing. Keep in mind...myspace was the same way for about three days too. Who knows...maybe blogger is becoming the myspace/facebook trump card and we're on the cutting edge of societal change.

Nah...we just post pics of our baby, talk about our life, and look at all the drama on facebook because "it's a blue sky Saturday and Kim is getting her toes done." There.....I posted.


Tara said...

Amen!!!! I totally agree with you here. i dispise facebook. Blogging is where it is at.

jill said...

i gotta admit. i'm totally weak. i always have facebook and blogger open in different windows. i'm totally hooked on both. ha!