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Friday, January 30, 2009

Worky work...Busy Bee...

Kim and I have been busy as all get out over the last several days. I've been prepping for carpet upstairs which would seem pretty nonchalant but nothing at this house is completely easy. Rip it up, rip up the pad, get out the staples, sweep and vacuum, pound down the nails, screw down the floor, do that little dancey thing on seams of the plywood to see if you still have squeaks, screw down some more, do the little dance again, try to stand up and go to the next room.

Well carpet is being laid today and this signifies that my projects are about to be furloughed until I can get UN-sore. I still have some touch up stuff to do in Reese's room but all in all I'm pretty good in there too.

In other news, Mom came through surgery ok but a little icky feeling from the drugs. They had her on the little knee movey thing when I went by last night and I think Kim mentioned today that she may get to come home on Sunday. Keep sending a prayer for a speedy recovery and I'm sure she'll be ok.

I'll have some decent pics of the house wreckage for the Sunday post, I should have some good pics of the Carnivore Challenge that Scott and Shaun will participate in on Saturday....queezy pics o'plenty, and then I'll put some pics of the Nursery online as well.

Done for now...enjoy the Weekend!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Under the knife...

My Mom goes under the knife for knee surgery on Thursday/Friday. Mom is a pretty tough cookie but I know she's worried about the surgery so if everyone would say a prayer for her, I know she would appreciate it. I think the pain of surgery will be better than the pain of bone on bone knee issues so while I know she's worried....I'm sure she'll fair pretty well.

Friday is also carpet day so I'm taking off to remove carpet, move furniture (as best I can by myself), and help the installer do stuff. BIG FUN! At least it will be done this week so that will be another step toward getting the world ready for Reese. Her room is very close and quite honestly only needs about an hour or so of dedicated attention to seal the deal.

On the baby stuff front, we used some gift cards and cash to buy our Mini-Van Ginsu stroller tonight and the play yard. Using coupons and discount deals and every gift card that would apply, we made out pretty good. We still have plenty to buy but all in all I'm feeling slightly prepared right now.

On the Mommy front, Kim is aching a little more just from stomach pain (stretching) and back aches. Sleep is getting a little more elusive for her as well. Reese is all over the place now. Up under her ribs, down on her bladder, kicking, stretching, poking. It's so cool to see and feel her move. I'm trying to store that feeling in my memory so I can tell her one day what its like. Alright...back up stairs to pull out carpet.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Grams!

Happy Birthday Grams!!

How old are you? How old ARE you? HOW OOOLLLDDD ARE YOUUUUUUU? Happy Birthday to you.

God's blessings on you. God's blessing ON you. GOD'S BLESSINGS ON YOUUUUUUUUU. Happy Birthday to you.

(for those that don't know...the Happy Birthday song has about 40 different versions when sung with the Goller clan. It can go on for hours like this.)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.....

We simply can't say it enough. Thank you to everyone that attended the second shower for Kim today. We have really been blessed with beautiful family members and friends and we are very, very grateful for anything and everything that has been heaped upon us. From gifts, to prayers, to well wishes for Kim and Reese....we're simply blessed.

Everything from the first shower last weekend is still in our dining room since the nursery isn't done yet and then we piled in everything from this shower today and we sat back and looked at the goodness and nearly came to tears tonight. Kim just stood there and and looked at it all and was overwhelmed. So many people love us and care about us and it makes it difficult to measure what we've done to deserve such kindness.

I'll mix a little humor with the humility tonight in that I was surrounded by blissful estrogen in quantities seldom seen by the male species at the Baby shower today. This was my first start to finish Baby shower where I was the Lone Ranger. I've sat in on a few at work but I've had back up at those events. A few guys to joke around with, some cutting up with typical crude guy humor but this event required that I man the post by myself. Being that this shower was for my little girl, I was more than happy to be there the whole time and I enjoyed seeing old friends and spending time with the family. I will admit to getting a little choked up when I saw the gift that Celeste's sister, Crystal bought us.
The frame says Daddy's Girl. We picked this out a couple weeks back and figured that if no one got it for us, we would get it ourselves but when I saw that today I couldn't help but tear up. I think Nicole actually noticed it and said something which sort of blew my tough guy plan but I couldn't help it. She's obviously Mommy's girl as well and words on a picture frame don't make it so...but this was for me. That's my frame and it says Daddy....It fits.

We haven't made pics of alot of stuff mainly because there was just so much. We got diapers, wipes, onesies, cool outfits, bathtubs, a humidifier, a bouncy seat, a boppie, blankets, hand-made stuff, Monogramed stuff, bedding, wall art, hangers, books, gift cards, cash, dresses, booties, socks, boggins, sheets, toys, and on, and on, and on. See why we say Thank you, thank you, thank you?

Here are some pics from the day:
Again, we're very Thankful for everything. It was good to be able to have all of Kim's family and her friends from the Dr. office as well. The hostesses were awesome and a big thank you go out to Nina, Brenda, Erin, Nora, Ginger, Charlotte, Nadonna, Martha, and Nan for hosting the shower. Special thank yous to our special guests Nadine, Ash, Raquel, and Brianne for making the trek from Miami for Gram's Party and the shower. Thank you to everyone else that came from far off or right around the corner to little ol' Calhoun for Kim and I. Thank you all.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

60 Days!

Two months....only two more months until we meet the love of our lives. A baby girl that has literally been 17 years in the making. From a chance meeting at City Hall when we were sort of passing through, to dating 4 years, married 13 years, and now bringing a life into this world. She is the most perfect thing that we've ever been involved with.

We love you Reese. Get here safe and sound. We can't wait to meet you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reese and Daddy's Trike

More of a want versus a need for us...mainly me....was a semi-cool and functional stroller for Reese. We've got the mack-daddy all in one Ginsu stroller picked out for everyday use but we wanted something that would be easy to walk with or super maneuverable or....just cooler than the Ginsu stroller. The Ginsu (Chicco stroller) sort of feels like a mini-van versus a sports car.

Meet the sports car turned stroller....the B.O.B. Functionality, ease of use, joggable (because we jog so much) and a cool factor of about 15 on a scale of 10. This thing weaves through the house like a hot knife through butter. I test drive it every morning just to make sure that it still handles like its on rails. I love it. I don't know that Kim is as up in arms about it as I am but I'm pretty stinking happy about it. It has brakes and a tether so the mom or dad that runs with their kid in this thing don't have to worry about it getting away from them. (That'll so be us.) My parents got the B.O.B. for us this weekend and I put it together the other night and I'll have to say...It's pretty sweet. I think Reese is going to love being strolled around in her little hot rod and I think Dad isn't going to worry about what she's in...the Ginsu or the Sportstroller, I'm just ready for her to get here.

True to her mother...Reese is getting a little 'tude in the tummy. Kim was pressing on her stomach yesterday and Reese would push back almost in defiance like "get off me!". It seems like she knows when I want her to move because I can put my hand on Kim's stomach and she'll just stop. No matter how soft I am or how light I touch her....Reese puts the karate class on hold. But last night, I pressed and she basically let me know I was in her bubble. It was the coolest thing that she's done for me. The movements are getting larger and more pronounced on Kim's stomach so our little bundle of baby is starting to spread out in there.

As an update...It appears that things are getting better daily for the Stamps family (Kelly's Korner) and the power of prayer is being revealed in this family's life. Please continue to think of them and as always, keep Reese and Kim in your thoughts as the due date is approaching! Just about two months from this week we should have our "plus one" here!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday summary on Monday

Normally I would be at work right now but today is a holiday at my office so Baxter and I are kicking back and taking it easy today while Mom goes out and earns the bacon. (I could get used to long as its on my terms and not because work told me I have nothing to do now.) Anyway, as I mentioned in the post last night Kim and I had a busy weekend that was capped off with a Baby shower for Kim and Reese.

Keith and Don came up from Florida to help the cause and then Lance and I piled in on Saturday morning to hang a little sheetrock.....just to prove that we didn't goof off all weekend here is a little glimpse of our handiwork.

Fun times at 4 degrees and with a Father in-law that has private summers the whole time. I didn't have to suffer through a night at the lake like Don and Keith did. It was probably colder inside the house than it was outside and Chuck was likely sweating bullets. Lance and I didn't partake for the whole thing but this is a pretty big change from what it looked like the other day. This is just one room but you get the idea. I'm glad hanging sheetrock isn't my day job....I'll bet everyone else is thinking that as well.

Sheetrock took up Saturday and 1/2 of Sunday for me...Kim and Celeste shopped around for carpet Saturday and let me veer off subject for a second to gripe about carpet salesmen. I'm thinking that with new construction down, people pinching every penny and holding off on things, and then the fact that we're coming in looking to spend money with these'd think salesmen would be all over us and wanting every sale they can get.....SO not the case. I'm telling you, I could have sold 5 houses of carpet by now just from calling folks back and answering emails. These jokers wouldn't last a week at Yamaha. They just don't seem to want our money. Problem is....we sort of have to give it to someone soon because Reese is on the move and our backs are up against a schedule.....oh well.

SUNDAY was our first Baby shower put on by my Aunt Judith, my mom, and Melissa Boyd for City Hall and my family. My aunt and mother in-law have worked at the Calhoun City Hall basically all of our lives and they have all known Kim and I well before we were an item. We had an awesome turn out and this first dose of generosity was overwhelming. We're certainly not picking favorite gifts by posting pics and I'm almost hesitant to post individual gifts so please know that if your gift isn't by no means signifies that Kim and I don't appreciate it. We are very grateful for everything that we received including the gift cards, cash, and other items that we're obviously not posting. So....after that gift/pic disclaimer here are some of the pics of the gifts (I don't have pics of the actual shower since Kimmy was busy opening goodies but once other pics are shared...I'll pull the best and post as well)

Her first monogramed anything

Reese's first teddy bear courtesy of her biggest fan...Robbie.

The coolest wearable blanket.

This is just a glimpse of everything that we were given yesterday and we have another shower next Sunday that will be for Kim's family, the Dr. office that she worked for in Calhoun for years, and other family friends and friends of ours. It should be another big turn out.

Thank you to everyone that came yesterday and thank you very much for your generosity. We absolutely appreciate everyone and everything that you've done for us. Please continue to give a moment of your day for Kim and Reese in prayer that everything will be alright and that our little girl will arrive safely in March! Thank you again and we love all of you.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pending posts....

We have had a big weekend and both of us are just gassed. I've helped hang sheetrock at Lake Casa de Richards (Chuck and Nan's place at the lake) and Kim shopped for carpet with Celeste and the best part was our first baby shower for Reese!

I'm off on Monday so I'll put in a post during the day with pics and updates because we're both about two good minutes on the couch from Slobberville and Sleepytown. Baxter is already there.

If you haven't checked her blog, Kelly Stamps (aka Kelly's Korner) is still in need of prayers for her little girl. This complete stranger has put our minds in fast forward toward Reese's birth and the fact that while it happens every day....Child birth is still a miracle and complications can happen at any point. Keep a moment of your day for her child and others of course....and keep Kim and Reese in your prayers as well. We want Mom and baby here, well, safe, and healthy. More on Monday....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Do us a favor...

We have never met Scott and Kelly Stamps but she has been inspirational in her blog and has impacted us in just trying to be better individuals. Kelly writes the blog site Kelly's Corner and she went in for delivery this morning. Based on her blog...her little girl was born this evening but she has very serious complications. She is being flown to a major hospital in Arkansas as she apparently cannot breathe. This young family is in need of prayers that exceed the bandwidth that we can muster. It seems almost strange to pray for someone that you don't really know outside of a website but they need them and have asked to be uplifted. Please keep this young couple and their new child in your thoughts as it doesn't read well tonight. We'll be needing the very same prayers for Reese as nothing is done and in the bag just because you make it to delivery. Thank you for taking a minute to ask God for his hand in thier lives.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The weekly updates...

We've been a little lax on the veggie updates so here they come.....

28 Weeks:
By this week, your baby weighs two and a quarter pounds (like a Chinese cabbage) and measures 14.8 inches from the top of her head to her heels. She can blink her eyes, which now sport lashes. With her eyesight developing, she may be able to see the light that filters in through your womb. She's also developing billions of neurons in her brain and adding more body fat in preparation for life in the outside world.

29 Weeks:
Your baby now weighs about 2 1/2 pounds (like a butternut squash) and is a tad over 15 inches long from head to heel. His muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and his head is growing bigger to make room for his developing brain. To meet his increasing nutritional demands, you'll need plenty of protein, vitamins C, folic acid, and iron. And because his bones are soaking up lots of calcium, be sure to drink your milk (or find another good source of calcium, such as cheese, yogurt, or enriched orange juice). This trimester, about 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited in your baby's hardening skeleton each day.

Here is a little more practical look at what Reese should look like in Kimmy's belly.

Everything is going pretty well right now. We went looking for carpet Saturday and spent some time with my Mom and Dad and then today, I worked in Reese's room most of the afternoon. I think I'll be able to post some pics in the next day or so because I want ALLLLLL of the painting done prior to any carpet being laid and before any baby furniture hits the floor. Other than that, Reese just kicks away after eating and Kim is doing fine. Her belly button is just about ready to pop...if you know her, she's a little sensitive about that for some reason. Kim and Lance and their weird deal with their buttons. Eh well. Keep praying for our little girl and for Kim as well!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The first Papa

Incidentally, MY Papa passed 3 years ago today on January 10th, 2006.

With the recent loss of my Great Aunt Mary (Papa's sister) the Hall family elders are shrinking in number here but growing in heaven. I'd like to think that Papa is resting in heaven but I'll bet he's helping to pave streets of gold. He was an awesome man and I miss him everyday. He was a fine example of how to lead a family.

Happy Birthday Dad....the newest Papa.

My Dad turned 54 yrs old on Friday...In the matter of a few weeks, Dad will cease to be Ben or Dad or anything other than Papa. He wasn't the first but he'll be Reese's so that's all that matters.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Awesome Pics!

I'm a sports fan through and through so when I saw the pics on one of the sites that we check alot...I was just stinking jealous as ALLLLLLL get out.

Go to and check out the Turner Field pics that she did recently. The only thing better would have been Sanford Stadium in the fall but Turner Field is such a neat place and when you read through the'll find that they rented out the ENTIRE stadium. Who do you have to know to do that? How much does that cost? Wow.....just plain jealous is what I am.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Summary

It's here...Sunday night before going back to work. Normally Sundays are no big deal but Kim and I have been off for about 12 days and it has been so nice but the dread of going back to work started setting in around mid-day. I enjoy my work but I enjoy my time off so much more. I guess that's the point huh? You work so that you can have time like this to enjoy and savor and look forward to. The holidays were very good despite the doom and gloom that circles all of us right now. We made a conscience decision to just check out of all of that and checking out now means to some degree we have to check back in. There is uncertainty with my job security, layoffs are the "in" thing, doubt and despair are everywhere in the news, bad, gloom, sadness, suffering......on and on and on.

Well, Kim and I have been blessed with so much goodness that all of the bad can take a backseat. We both woke up, got up, and went on about our Sunday. We opened the fridge and low and behold...there was plenty of food there. We took a shower with clean, warm water and stayed dry in our home. Our bills are paid and we have good friends and family that "could" help if we needed anything. We have two cars with which to drive any where we please. WE have a baby girl on the way. Her name is Reese and she can kick like a soccer player! She has a budding nursery which was painted almost in its entirety this weekend. (Before and after pics will be posted shortly) Kim and I have each other. And we have faith that gets us through the tough stuff.

We have a little book that is called "God is in the tough stuff" that we read periodically. It's a small devotional if you will, that just sort of takes everyday junk and puts a positive perspective on things. Will my pet be in heaven?, Why do bad things happen to good people?, Where is God when we suffer?.....stuff like that. Oddly enough, Kim and I both looked at the little book this evening after dinner. I guess maybe we were both needing some form of jolt to our systems before we head back to the grind this week. No more Christmas lights, no more holiday music, no more vacation, no more family all seems a little bleak. But I'm just bold enough to believe that so much more awaits us this year than we've ever experienced. So many firsts on the horizon...the first night with Reese, her first coo, maybe her first words, her first crawl, her first smile, her first week, month, and year. Her first summer, her first fall.....and in December her first Christmas. I'll miss this holiday season, but once Reese is here...I'll never want another one without her.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A whole lot of updates....

Well....You can plainly see that we've changed the look of the blog again. Kim and I have always liked this brown look and I made the header this time so it feels a little more like our own creation again.

You'll also see that we've "published" her name on the header and in a posting so that sort of makes things official. I suppose we could change her name if something completely out of left field hit the radar but we're not planning anything dramatic so everyone can call her Reese now.

On to the updates and pics....
We had a very good Christmas with gatherings here for Chili, at Nina's for Christmas Eve, and at my Grandmother's on Christmas day.

Kimmy, Mom, G-Ma, and Celeste

Reese got a UGA pacifier!

Kimmy smiles pretty during some intense Rock Band playing at Lance and Celeste's house on Christmas Eve.

Baxter loves the Holidays...but not the camera. He will not look at me when I'm holding the camera.

Christmas Eve with the Cartersville gang.

We stopped by the Veteran's Cemetery on the way to Rick and Nina's and because they lay wreaths at each tomb. There are appx. 1800 headstones now but once this place is full...this will be an amazing sight to see.

Big spread for Christmas chow at my Grandmother's house.

I got a big smile from G-ma while we were opening gifts....I never have liked that bust behind her right shoulder but that's just Grandmother. was on to Miami on the 26th for Christmas and to celebrate Ashley graduating from Florida and Brandon graduating from High School (in the spring). They had a HUGE party and we had a little fun while we were there too.
Keith, Paw, Lance, Charlie, One of the Famous McGern brothers, me, The Don, and Chris. We pretty much decide what will fly and what won't.

Kim with her sis, Sandy.

Bree, Donna, Cola, and Raquelle are all ready to dance it up!

It was pretty much a throw down all night.

Sean and Cohen are tired of dancing.

Kimmy on Dania Beach

So Monday night we decided to visit Taverna Opa. I didn't like the place.....

Ash, Cola, Michael, Angel, Brandon, Ryno, Jenni, and Noelle getting ready to have a little fun.


Lance loves Hummus.

Proof that big boy was dancing and in fact on a table....breaking a sweat!

Kim said that Reese kicked all night at Opa's so she must like the music like Cola and Ash.

Frannie wanted to show the Belly dancer how to shake your goods.

Lance had a little too much from the fruit of the vine.....This has to be one of the best pictures EVAR!

There are tons more pics but it takes forever to load them so if you want any of them...I may put the whole weekend on a shutterfly and share with the fam. We truly had a great time and appreciate Kerri letting us stay as well as Nadine and Marcelle putting us up and feeding us all weekend. (I probably misspelled all of that) Everyone was more than accommodating and it means alot that the whole crew can get together and have a good time. We love all of you and can't wait to introduce Reese to this crazy gang. Happy New Year!