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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Under the knife...

My Mom goes under the knife for knee surgery on Thursday/Friday. Mom is a pretty tough cookie but I know she's worried about the surgery so if everyone would say a prayer for her, I know she would appreciate it. I think the pain of surgery will be better than the pain of bone on bone knee issues so while I know she's worried....I'm sure she'll fair pretty well.

Friday is also carpet day so I'm taking off to remove carpet, move furniture (as best I can by myself), and help the installer do stuff. BIG FUN! At least it will be done this week so that will be another step toward getting the world ready for Reese. Her room is very close and quite honestly only needs about an hour or so of dedicated attention to seal the deal.

On the baby stuff front, we used some gift cards and cash to buy our Mini-Van Ginsu stroller tonight and the play yard. Using coupons and discount deals and every gift card that would apply, we made out pretty good. We still have plenty to buy but all in all I'm feeling slightly prepared right now.

On the Mommy front, Kim is aching a little more just from stomach pain (stretching) and back aches. Sleep is getting a little more elusive for her as well. Reese is all over the place now. Up under her ribs, down on her bladder, kicking, stretching, poking. It's so cool to see and feel her move. I'm trying to store that feeling in my memory so I can tell her one day what its like. Alright...back up stairs to pull out carpet.

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