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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Summary

It's here...Sunday night before going back to work. Normally Sundays are no big deal but Kim and I have been off for about 12 days and it has been so nice but the dread of going back to work started setting in around mid-day. I enjoy my work but I enjoy my time off so much more. I guess that's the point huh? You work so that you can have time like this to enjoy and savor and look forward to. The holidays were very good despite the doom and gloom that circles all of us right now. We made a conscience decision to just check out of all of that and checking out now means to some degree we have to check back in. There is uncertainty with my job security, layoffs are the "in" thing, doubt and despair are everywhere in the news, bad, gloom, sadness, suffering......on and on and on.

Well, Kim and I have been blessed with so much goodness that all of the bad can take a backseat. We both woke up, got up, and went on about our Sunday. We opened the fridge and low and behold...there was plenty of food there. We took a shower with clean, warm water and stayed dry in our home. Our bills are paid and we have good friends and family that "could" help if we needed anything. We have two cars with which to drive any where we please. WE have a baby girl on the way. Her name is Reese and she can kick like a soccer player! She has a budding nursery which was painted almost in its entirety this weekend. (Before and after pics will be posted shortly) Kim and I have each other. And we have faith that gets us through the tough stuff.

We have a little book that is called "God is in the tough stuff" that we read periodically. It's a small devotional if you will, that just sort of takes everyday junk and puts a positive perspective on things. Will my pet be in heaven?, Why do bad things happen to good people?, Where is God when we suffer?.....stuff like that. Oddly enough, Kim and I both looked at the little book this evening after dinner. I guess maybe we were both needing some form of jolt to our systems before we head back to the grind this week. No more Christmas lights, no more holiday music, no more vacation, no more family all seems a little bleak. But I'm just bold enough to believe that so much more awaits us this year than we've ever experienced. So many firsts on the horizon...the first night with Reese, her first coo, maybe her first words, her first crawl, her first smile, her first week, month, and year. Her first summer, her first fall.....and in December her first Christmas. I'll miss this holiday season, but once Reese is here...I'll never want another one without her.

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