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Thursday, January 1, 2009

A whole lot of updates....

Well....You can plainly see that we've changed the look of the blog again. Kim and I have always liked this brown look and I made the header this time so it feels a little more like our own creation again.

You'll also see that we've "published" her name on the header and in a posting so that sort of makes things official. I suppose we could change her name if something completely out of left field hit the radar but we're not planning anything dramatic so everyone can call her Reese now.

On to the updates and pics....
We had a very good Christmas with gatherings here for Chili, at Nina's for Christmas Eve, and at my Grandmother's on Christmas day.

Kimmy, Mom, G-Ma, and Celeste

Reese got a UGA pacifier!

Kimmy smiles pretty during some intense Rock Band playing at Lance and Celeste's house on Christmas Eve.

Baxter loves the Holidays...but not the camera. He will not look at me when I'm holding the camera.

Christmas Eve with the Cartersville gang.

We stopped by the Veteran's Cemetery on the way to Rick and Nina's and because they lay wreaths at each tomb. There are appx. 1800 headstones now but once this place is full...this will be an amazing sight to see.

Big spread for Christmas chow at my Grandmother's house.

I got a big smile from G-ma while we were opening gifts....I never have liked that bust behind her right shoulder but that's just Grandmother. was on to Miami on the 26th for Christmas and to celebrate Ashley graduating from Florida and Brandon graduating from High School (in the spring). They had a HUGE party and we had a little fun while we were there too.
Keith, Paw, Lance, Charlie, One of the Famous McGern brothers, me, The Don, and Chris. We pretty much decide what will fly and what won't.

Kim with her sis, Sandy.

Bree, Donna, Cola, and Raquelle are all ready to dance it up!

It was pretty much a throw down all night.

Sean and Cohen are tired of dancing.

Kimmy on Dania Beach

So Monday night we decided to visit Taverna Opa. I didn't like the place.....

Ash, Cola, Michael, Angel, Brandon, Ryno, Jenni, and Noelle getting ready to have a little fun.


Lance loves Hummus.

Proof that big boy was dancing and in fact on a table....breaking a sweat!

Kim said that Reese kicked all night at Opa's so she must like the music like Cola and Ash.

Frannie wanted to show the Belly dancer how to shake your goods.

Lance had a little too much from the fruit of the vine.....This has to be one of the best pictures EVAR!

There are tons more pics but it takes forever to load them so if you want any of them...I may put the whole weekend on a shutterfly and share with the fam. We truly had a great time and appreciate Kerri letting us stay as well as Nadine and Marcelle putting us up and feeding us all weekend. (I probably misspelled all of that) Everyone was more than accommodating and it means alot that the whole crew can get together and have a good time. We love all of you and can't wait to introduce Reese to this crazy gang. Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, first I'd like you to know I am keeping up with your blog since Adam made me save it as one of my favorites. As for you Adam not liking Opa I beg to differ. I think it was those Long Islands you maybe could have done without or maybe just 10 less of them. Anyway, I had a good time with you guys. Hopefully I'll be able to go up there once lil Reese is on planet rock. j/k