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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The first Papa

Incidentally, MY Papa passed 3 years ago today on January 10th, 2006.

With the recent loss of my Great Aunt Mary (Papa's sister) the Hall family elders are shrinking in number here but growing in heaven. I'd like to think that Papa is resting in heaven but I'll bet he's helping to pave streets of gold. He was an awesome man and I miss him everyday. He was a fine example of how to lead a family.

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Judith said...

He wasn't my "first Papa", but he certainly was my "special Daddy". I miss him so much. I think of how much he would have enjoyed Reese. I like to think that he already knows her and sent her especially to you two. Today has been a "bittersweet" day, a day of remembering. There will be a "Glad Reunion Day" one Day!!