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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.....

We simply can't say it enough. Thank you to everyone that attended the second shower for Kim today. We have really been blessed with beautiful family members and friends and we are very, very grateful for anything and everything that has been heaped upon us. From gifts, to prayers, to well wishes for Kim and Reese....we're simply blessed.

Everything from the first shower last weekend is still in our dining room since the nursery isn't done yet and then we piled in everything from this shower today and we sat back and looked at the goodness and nearly came to tears tonight. Kim just stood there and and looked at it all and was overwhelmed. So many people love us and care about us and it makes it difficult to measure what we've done to deserve such kindness.

I'll mix a little humor with the humility tonight in that I was surrounded by blissful estrogen in quantities seldom seen by the male species at the Baby shower today. This was my first start to finish Baby shower where I was the Lone Ranger. I've sat in on a few at work but I've had back up at those events. A few guys to joke around with, some cutting up with typical crude guy humor but this event required that I man the post by myself. Being that this shower was for my little girl, I was more than happy to be there the whole time and I enjoyed seeing old friends and spending time with the family. I will admit to getting a little choked up when I saw the gift that Celeste's sister, Crystal bought us.
The frame says Daddy's Girl. We picked this out a couple weeks back and figured that if no one got it for us, we would get it ourselves but when I saw that today I couldn't help but tear up. I think Nicole actually noticed it and said something which sort of blew my tough guy plan but I couldn't help it. She's obviously Mommy's girl as well and words on a picture frame don't make it so...but this was for me. That's my frame and it says Daddy....It fits.

We haven't made pics of alot of stuff mainly because there was just so much. We got diapers, wipes, onesies, cool outfits, bathtubs, a humidifier, a bouncy seat, a boppie, blankets, hand-made stuff, Monogramed stuff, bedding, wall art, hangers, books, gift cards, cash, dresses, booties, socks, boggins, sheets, toys, and on, and on, and on. See why we say Thank you, thank you, thank you?

Here are some pics from the day:
Again, we're very Thankful for everything. It was good to be able to have all of Kim's family and her friends from the Dr. office as well. The hostesses were awesome and a big thank you go out to Nina, Brenda, Erin, Nora, Ginger, Charlotte, Nadonna, Martha, and Nan for hosting the shower. Special thank yous to our special guests Nadine, Ash, Raquel, and Brianne for making the trek from Miami for Gram's Party and the shower. Thank you to everyone else that came from far off or right around the corner to little ol' Calhoun for Kim and I. Thank you all.

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