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Friday, January 30, 2009

Worky work...Busy Bee...

Kim and I have been busy as all get out over the last several days. I've been prepping for carpet upstairs which would seem pretty nonchalant but nothing at this house is completely easy. Rip it up, rip up the pad, get out the staples, sweep and vacuum, pound down the nails, screw down the floor, do that little dancey thing on seams of the plywood to see if you still have squeaks, screw down some more, do the little dance again, try to stand up and go to the next room.

Well carpet is being laid today and this signifies that my projects are about to be furloughed until I can get UN-sore. I still have some touch up stuff to do in Reese's room but all in all I'm pretty good in there too.

In other news, Mom came through surgery ok but a little icky feeling from the drugs. They had her on the little knee movey thing when I went by last night and I think Kim mentioned today that she may get to come home on Sunday. Keep sending a prayer for a speedy recovery and I'm sure she'll be ok.

I'll have some decent pics of the house wreckage for the Sunday post, I should have some good pics of the Carnivore Challenge that Scott and Shaun will participate in on Saturday....queezy pics o'plenty, and then I'll put some pics of the Nursery online as well.

Done for now...enjoy the Weekend!

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