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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Summary....Football, Pizza, Carpet, and Crashing

Can this week come to an end any quicker? We're simply toasted today and while I love my home time...I'm almost ready to go back to work so I can sit down for a spell. Kim has been pushing things a little more than she should and she's obviously tired and I've been moving everything that isn't screwed down upstairs once and now twice....We need a timeout. Aren't you supposed to chill out prior to baby arrival so you'll be all energetic and ready to stay up all night?! But we did all of this for more builder grade junk upstairs, no more squeaks, no more paths around the bed, no more stains. Its soft. Plush. Spongy. It has been so long since we've had nice carpet and my gosh what a difference it makes. I'll go on record in that it sure does make life horrible PRIOR to installation but man was it worth it.

So its Super Bowl Sunday and while millions of folks all across the country gather for a football cookout or gathering with the neighbors, Kim and I are keeping it close to home. We made home-made Pico de Gallo and Onion straws and then Fajitas for the main dish, mmmmmmm good.

I continued my youngster turned Thirtysomething rite of passage by playing a football game of my own this weekend (without injury) and then was witness to a true attempt of greatness....My friends Scott and Shaun declared some weeks ago that they could consume a pizza at a local shop in Kennesaw of which no other pair has successfully completed. The deal here is that if you and a friend eat this monster pizza in one hour, you earn $250 house cash. Easy as that....right? Thing is...more than 400 pairs have tried and no one has done it. My boys Scott and Shaun thought they are some pics.
30" across, 11 pounds of meat, cheese, crust, and grease.....and still undefeated. Two other pairs tried Saturday and Scott and Shaun bested both by a mile. I really think Scott could have held up his end of this bargain but poor Shaun sort of tells the tale in the last pic. Erp......

I don't think I'd care for the house cash after eating that thing. Keep the $250, just pay for the hospital bill when I have a coronary later in the day.

Meanwhile back home:
Everything that could go in the master bath...went in the master bath. This is just a sample of the carnage from an entire floor being shoved into 2 1/2 rooms. The closet room was full, the master bath was full, and the other bath was as full as it could be since there was a little carpet going in there.

This is the Master bedroom....notice the odd looking stain on the left. So Adam nearly fell out because that looks alot like a water stain on the subfloor. After nearly sobbing uncontrollably fearing the worst, I was able to gain my composure and find that this must have been some sort of spill when the house was being built since the wood was dry. The other thing this pic hides is the 2000 screws that had to be put in the subfloor to stop the squeaks. Good times.

And finally, little man Baxter was sort of making a dirty spot in the floor because he lays in the same spot ALL THE TIME. Not that its a problem but the floor was a little icky. So after cleaning the spot real well....Bax has a new bed.
This joker won the lotto with Kim's change of heart but he has done so good inside. I'm pretty sure he'll be excited to meet Reese and she'll have a little buddy right out of the gate.

Alright folks....We'll post some Kimmy pics and Reese stuff later in the week. In the meantime keep praying for Kim and Reese and also keep Mom in prayers for a speedy recovery.

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