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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hospital Tour

Wow, time is flying as there are only 46 days remaining. Little miss Reese will be here very soon and we can't wait! Adam and I signed up to do a tour of Kennestone Hospital labor and delivery unit last Thursday so that we would know where to go and know what to expect when the time comes. Thank goodness we did....first of all we parked in the parking lot that seemed forever away and found out there is a much closer parking lot so that we are not touring the parking lot when Reese comes knocking. We got to view the labor and delivery room and then the mom and baby room where we will be staying for 24-48 hrs after Reese is born. During the tour Adam and I were both a bit nervous as we were realizing we were going to be there very soon, but afterwards felt a lot more comfortable because of all the information we received and just knowing where to go helped as well. :) The tour guide was very informative and helped us to know what to expect from arrival at the hospital to departure. We went home and had to add more items to our to do list such as: creating a birth plan, selecting ped provider to see Reese in the hospital and out, submit our pre-admission registration form, etc. They provided us a Q&A handout which has also answered many of our questions so needless to say I am very glad that we did this.

We also found out about another class "Joy of Parenthood" that we signed up for as well. This is scheduled for 3/5. This class is to assist in holding, dressing, diapering, giving a bath, and overall care of the baby. We are looking forward to this class as every lit bit helps. :)

Mom (Nana) and I went shopping yesterday and also did a drive by to the hospital as well. I wanted her to be sure she knew exactly where to instruct Dad to go (since he would be driving or should I say flying!) when the call is made. We found an adorable University of GA dress during our little shopping adventure. The dress was a bigger size, but we couldn't pass it up. We showed it to daddy when we got home and he loved it!

My next doctor appointment is scheduled for tomorrow. This is just another routine visit and during this visit I will have my iron level checked again. Even though it is winter time, I am planning on wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt since the last time I wore a big HEAVY sweater and the scale said I had gained 4 1/2 pounds. It also could have been the piece of red velvet cake, carrot cake, and cupcake that I had eaten the day before during one of my showers! :)

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