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Friday, February 6, 2009

Furniture arrives tomorrow....

My laziness catches me tomorrow. The furniture that we picked out so long ago arrives sometime in the afternoon but I still have stuff to do...albeit minor...its still stuff. Some sanding on the worlds worst window, some touch up paint, some edge cut in, some picking up....I'd better remove the thumb from my posterior and fast.

We still need letters and we still need to decorate....the list grows instead of shrinks but our motivation is simply whipped into submission. Poor Kim is just beat all the time. Her thermostat is sooooo messed up that private summers are pretty regular right now. She's aching, her feet swell when she is on them for a while, she has RLS (don't laugh....Restless Leg does exist Margaret!) I think more than anything is that she just twitches alot but I'm calling it RLS because it trips her out. Reese no longer kicks or flutters but rolls or punches. Her movement is so pronounced now and poor Kimmy is just searching for a way to keep comfortable....but she never complains. She just trucks right along like this is the best thing ever.

I don't know what I thought it would be like for her but she has impressed me beyond my wildest thoughts. How strong is she really? How much is she just dealing with that I might complain about? How worried is she about the whole process? I'm lucky to have her.....I love my girls.

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