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Thursday, February 19, 2009

35 weeks along and only 35 days left....

Today was a little dose of the worry that awaits I suppose....

Shortly after Kim came out of the shower this morning she began to complain that her stomach was just incredibly tight and that she was hurting across her upper stomach muscles. One thing that Kim has been able to avoid, for the most part, is general bouts with pain. She's felt the occasional ache and Reese will really poke hard and she'll jump but Kim has never complained that she just hurt.

While she was drying her hair getting ready for work she literally looked I begin to get spooked. She continues to complain that the pain is constant and pretty intense and so we decide that maybe a call to the Dr. is in order. I suppose that bedside manner isn't something they teach in nursing school or maybe its because they've heard it over and over so the concerns of the pregnant mother sound like blah, blah, blah. I didn't talk to the nurse and only hear Kim's side of the conversation but I could only imagine....Kim: Um yes, I'm 35 weeks along and my stomach is hurting terribly this morning...I'm a little concerned because I've never felt this way. Nurse: Mmm Hmm. Kim: Do you think something could be wrong? Nurse: Nuh uh. Kim: But this is really pretty severe pain. What do you think would cause this kind of pain. Nurse: When is the last time you've pooped? ----let me interject here....Anybody that knows me is uniquely aware that I have stomach issues that exceed the parental rating of our little blog. I'm not ashamed to let folks know what is up and will announce things that should probably be left a mystery. Having said that....I've never had a conversation with a practitioner about my bowel movements and I don't intend to start now so you can imagine Kim's fright at the question just posed to her by a complete stranger. Kim: Excuse me? Nurse: When was your last bowel movement? Kim: NUNYA! Besides, my stomach hurts up high....not down low. Nurse: Ma'am, please. When was your last....Kim: That's not the problem. Nurse: Ok....Have you eaten anything? Kim: A little. Nurse: Go to the store and get this, this, and this. If your pain hasn't subsided by noon call us back and we'll revisit your issue...mumble mumble grumble. Kim: Alright. (Ow my tummy)

So Kim went to the store and bought the necessary items. I guess fear drives you to worry about stuff that would normally not be an issue if we were a little better educated about our bodies. Turns out that the Nurse was suspecting trapped gas or other gastrointestinal processes. In the end....our fears subsided and Kim's pain went away. I leave the diagnosis a mystery but its so funny how something so small can seem like such a big deal. Kim was in tears and balled up with worry....I was too! She was really hurting...I mean she was in some big time pain but it turns out that we were up in arms over nothing. We're both so worried about getting Reese out of Kim's womb and into the world safely and in good health that its just consuming us right now. Everything is amplified so just do us a favor....Keep praying for both of my girls and pray for a smooth last month for both of them.

Oh, and thank God for Gas-X.


Anonymous said...

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Ideally, a person should eliminate waste every 24 hours following a meal. This means that at breakfast time, the waste from the following morning's breakfast would be excreted. The same is true for lunch and dinner. This does vary from person to person, however. What a person is eating is a major factor in bowel movement frequency. Water is needed to keep waste matter soft. Someone who is failing to drink 64 ounces of water every day will have harder fecal matter that travels more slowly.

Anonymous said...

I understand your concerns.You never having had a baby before those kinds of pains needed to be addressed..The phone call to the doctors office was the right thing to are paying them to take good care of you through this process !! Do not let them intimidate you..

Lindsey said...

Gas pains are not to be underestimated in pregnancy -- they hurt! and you think that something is definitely wrong. Way to call the doc ASAP, that's what they're for.

I'm loving the blog updates! Take care. She'll be here before you know it.