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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random family pic....

Just to keep the fam on their toes....I'm going to do some random picture posts as well.

Ryan says "Cheese"

Tiny Updates....

We've been about a week without a real post and even longer since one with relevant pictures of anything going on at Baby Central so it seemed appropriate to update something even if we don't have pics or major announcements.

This week and last have proved a little more difficult for Kim but she still pushes through like a champ. From a Dad's perspective....I've put on some pounds in support of Kimmy and I've been a little busy with projects but outside of that, this thing has been a breeze. From a Mom's perspective...Kim has faced down 15 weeks of unending nausea, aches, pains, and other unmentionables. The pregnant female body is really a wonderful thing but while looking at blogs and reading about this whole experience in books, no one really dives into the really important details. I'm not leaning in any one direction but its just been an interesting experience for the both of us.

The nursery is almost done. I've gotten a little flack for no pics yet but its just detail stuff right now. I need to hang a few things and get some stuff decorated but really and truly the room is done. I think the biggest thing to do is hang blinds or shades so we can dark out the room but that is easy to handle.

And finally....Little Reese is just great. She is so active in the evenings and her movements are huge now! Kim's entire stomach just rolls sometimes and Reese seems love Kim's ribs. A random kick here and a stray punch there just to let Kim know where things stand. It really is something to know that our little girl is in Kim's stomach right now. Unbelievable.

Just keep praying! We're so close and both of my girls need prayers for a smooth last month and delivery. Pics of Kimmy, nursery, and other stuff will finally come this weekend. I promise.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Header?

I've been toying around with a new header design. Kim and I pretty much made this out of nothing but I don't like the Adam and Kim Plus.... part. I don't like that font but I'm sort of having a brain block so nothing is looking right to me.

Let us know what you think. I don't want to change blog designs like every week but I'd like to keep it fresh. I figure her arrival would be cause for a new blog header. If you like it...great...if you don't, that's cool too. Let us know what you think.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

35 weeks along and only 35 days left....

Today was a little dose of the worry that awaits I suppose....

Shortly after Kim came out of the shower this morning she began to complain that her stomach was just incredibly tight and that she was hurting across her upper stomach muscles. One thing that Kim has been able to avoid, for the most part, is general bouts with pain. She's felt the occasional ache and Reese will really poke hard and she'll jump but Kim has never complained that she just hurt.

While she was drying her hair getting ready for work she literally looked I begin to get spooked. She continues to complain that the pain is constant and pretty intense and so we decide that maybe a call to the Dr. is in order. I suppose that bedside manner isn't something they teach in nursing school or maybe its because they've heard it over and over so the concerns of the pregnant mother sound like blah, blah, blah. I didn't talk to the nurse and only hear Kim's side of the conversation but I could only imagine....Kim: Um yes, I'm 35 weeks along and my stomach is hurting terribly this morning...I'm a little concerned because I've never felt this way. Nurse: Mmm Hmm. Kim: Do you think something could be wrong? Nurse: Nuh uh. Kim: But this is really pretty severe pain. What do you think would cause this kind of pain. Nurse: When is the last time you've pooped? ----let me interject here....Anybody that knows me is uniquely aware that I have stomach issues that exceed the parental rating of our little blog. I'm not ashamed to let folks know what is up and will announce things that should probably be left a mystery. Having said that....I've never had a conversation with a practitioner about my bowel movements and I don't intend to start now so you can imagine Kim's fright at the question just posed to her by a complete stranger. Kim: Excuse me? Nurse: When was your last bowel movement? Kim: NUNYA! Besides, my stomach hurts up high....not down low. Nurse: Ma'am, please. When was your last....Kim: That's not the problem. Nurse: Ok....Have you eaten anything? Kim: A little. Nurse: Go to the store and get this, this, and this. If your pain hasn't subsided by noon call us back and we'll revisit your issue...mumble mumble grumble. Kim: Alright. (Ow my tummy)

So Kim went to the store and bought the necessary items. I guess fear drives you to worry about stuff that would normally not be an issue if we were a little better educated about our bodies. Turns out that the Nurse was suspecting trapped gas or other gastrointestinal processes. In the end....our fears subsided and Kim's pain went away. I leave the diagnosis a mystery but its so funny how something so small can seem like such a big deal. Kim was in tears and balled up with worry....I was too! She was really hurting...I mean she was in some big time pain but it turns out that we were up in arms over nothing. We're both so worried about getting Reese out of Kim's womb and into the world safely and in good health that its just consuming us right now. Everything is amplified so just do us a favor....Keep praying for both of my girls and pray for a smooth last month for both of them.

Oh, and thank God for Gas-X.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What an amazing trip....

We're getting close to one month until delivery! One month away from Reese's arrival. One month....separates us from a family of a family of three. One month...separates ME from being on equal footing to being out numbered. One month is all that turns a husband and wife into Mommy and Daddy. That's pretty cool. Kim and I sit and talk alot about what life will be like once she is here and what 13 years of rollercoaster living has taught us. Has it taught us patience? Enough patience to allow the other enough slack in the midst of a screaming baby alarm at 3am? Enough patience to clean the twelfth consecutive diaper without knowing that it was the twelfth? Enough patience to put each other first despite this new life that needs everything first?

What about communication? We've grown in terms of communication like no other couple that we know. From me having to beg Kim to open her pretty much opening up and me sort of looking for a way to plug the "opening up" spigot. (I mean that VERY much tongue in cheek sweetie!) It's sort of neat for us...we can have a conversation without saying so much as one word. We could be listening to someone go on about something and sort of glance at one another, crack a grin, and know that she pretty much thinks that this story is far fetched and she knows that I'm thinking the same thing. We can be in cramped quarters...say like the trains at Hartsfield and she could give me the large eyed-head twitch....which means...Do you smell that? I smirk meaning....Yes! Dear God it stinks!..she drops her brow...meaning WAS THAT YOU!!!!! I also drop my brow and and intensify my face as to say....Good Lord NO! We can do it for nearly everything...besides poopy smells. Of course that will be a vital conversation going forward but poor Reese won't be able to play along. She'll probably just grimace as if to say....Leave me alone, Please. I'm busy. But will we be able to maintain that understanding or even enhance it with the advent of Reese?

Will we be able to parent with common sense or will all common sense fly out of the windows in a tornado of sleep deprivation and busy-ness? Will paci's get the best of us and potty training turn us into blithering idiots? Will the debate of when to answer that cry be too much to handle initially? Is divide and conquor subliminally trained into children's psyche from birth? If I cry REALLY hard and loud....Maybe Mommy will fear that I'm going to pass out and come in to get me.....yeah...let me try that. Will we be able to instill values into this little life that will last forever? Values like treating others with respect....saying please and thank you...Not following the crowd and being influenced by kids that are less than desirable. Will she do as I say...and not as I do? Who am I to kid...I'm no role model for how to do it the right way. I've made more mistakes than I care to admit. I have a temper, an inability to control the string that opens my mouth, and a bad habit of thinking that folks what to hear what I have to say....can I tame that in Reese? But not to the point that she becomes a pushover. Even with us! She's welcome to her own opinion when she can form may just be that Mom and Dad don't particularly care to engage her rights to have it heard when that time comes.

So many thoughts. So many fears. Do you believe that I've already (only slightly) thought about how sad it will be when she moves out for college?! Our neighbors sort of brought that on with them being empty nesters this summer. I can't imagine the weirdness that comes with that now. I was dying to get out from control of my folks...but now I see how hard that could be and she isn't even here yet! We haven't even gotten through the first three months...or weeks and the future is already on our minds. From the three month standpoint we've already been prepped by a number of parents about those ever important first months of life....from hell to even worse has been the standard expectancy. But we think that it is what you make of it. Its only three months. I may read this six months from now and want to choke this idealist that types tonight but it really is just three months. It isn't a death sentence....its just my baby girl needing a good start. My wife needing my support because her hormones are on Defcon 5. Its me just doing everything I know to do because that what I'm supposed to do. Is it really that much to ask of me? Kim? Our parents? (we'll need some help for sure) I can't tell what challenges lay ahead but Kim and I are parents of faith. We're a husband and wife of faith. We pray every day in some form or fashion for someone else or for each other...every day.

God has gotten us this far. So Patience? Got it. And a never ending supply of it from God. Communication? Kim simply winks and nods approvingly. I wink/nod back and knuckle bump her. Ability? More than we probably know. Enough love? My love tank runs over right now....I just hope I fill Kim's with enough to keep her running with the needles pinned. (that means fast)
Can we instill values in Reese? Over time, yes, I believe we will. With our family's help and with a hand from God. Will we make it? bet.

Having said all of that....I want to wish a Happy Valentines Day to Kim. You deserve far better than I can give you, but you've made it perfectly clear that you love me despite my faults and my hiccups. I will do all I can to be the best father possible to our little girl and the best husband to you as well. I love both of my girls.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

34 Weeks

Blog posts have been a little on the slow side this week as I have been out of town and Kim has been traveling alot this week as well. I figured we'd start off some posts with a veggie update....

34 Weeks
Your baby now weighs about 4 3/4 pounds (like your average cantaloupe) and is almost 18 inches long. Her fat layers — which will help regulate her body temperature once she's born — are filling her out, making her rounder. Her skin is also smoother than ever. Her central nervous system is maturing and her lungs are continuing to mature as well. If you've been nervous about preterm labor, you'll be happy to know that babies born between 34 and 37 weeks who have no other health problems generally do fine. They may need a short stay in the neonatal nursery and may have a few short-term health issues, but in the long run, they usually do as well as full-term babies.

More updates on the latest goings on this weekend!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hospital Tour

Wow, time is flying as there are only 46 days remaining. Little miss Reese will be here very soon and we can't wait! Adam and I signed up to do a tour of Kennestone Hospital labor and delivery unit last Thursday so that we would know where to go and know what to expect when the time comes. Thank goodness we did....first of all we parked in the parking lot that seemed forever away and found out there is a much closer parking lot so that we are not touring the parking lot when Reese comes knocking. We got to view the labor and delivery room and then the mom and baby room where we will be staying for 24-48 hrs after Reese is born. During the tour Adam and I were both a bit nervous as we were realizing we were going to be there very soon, but afterwards felt a lot more comfortable because of all the information we received and just knowing where to go helped as well. :) The tour guide was very informative and helped us to know what to expect from arrival at the hospital to departure. We went home and had to add more items to our to do list such as: creating a birth plan, selecting ped provider to see Reese in the hospital and out, submit our pre-admission registration form, etc. They provided us a Q&A handout which has also answered many of our questions so needless to say I am very glad that we did this.

We also found out about another class "Joy of Parenthood" that we signed up for as well. This is scheduled for 3/5. This class is to assist in holding, dressing, diapering, giving a bath, and overall care of the baby. We are looking forward to this class as every lit bit helps. :)

Mom (Nana) and I went shopping yesterday and also did a drive by to the hospital as well. I wanted her to be sure she knew exactly where to instruct Dad to go (since he would be driving or should I say flying!) when the call is made. We found an adorable University of GA dress during our little shopping adventure. The dress was a bigger size, but we couldn't pass it up. We showed it to daddy when we got home and he loved it!

My next doctor appointment is scheduled for tomorrow. This is just another routine visit and during this visit I will have my iron level checked again. Even though it is winter time, I am planning on wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt since the last time I wore a big HEAVY sweater and the scale said I had gained 4 1/2 pounds. It also could have been the piece of red velvet cake, carrot cake, and cupcake that I had eaten the day before during one of my showers! :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Furniture arrives tomorrow....

My laziness catches me tomorrow. The furniture that we picked out so long ago arrives sometime in the afternoon but I still have stuff to do...albeit minor...its still stuff. Some sanding on the worlds worst window, some touch up paint, some edge cut in, some picking up....I'd better remove the thumb from my posterior and fast.

We still need letters and we still need to decorate....the list grows instead of shrinks but our motivation is simply whipped into submission. Poor Kim is just beat all the time. Her thermostat is sooooo messed up that private summers are pretty regular right now. She's aching, her feet swell when she is on them for a while, she has RLS (don't laugh....Restless Leg does exist Margaret!) I think more than anything is that she just twitches alot but I'm calling it RLS because it trips her out. Reese no longer kicks or flutters but rolls or punches. Her movement is so pronounced now and poor Kimmy is just searching for a way to keep comfortable....but she never complains. She just trucks right along like this is the best thing ever.

I don't know what I thought it would be like for her but she has impressed me beyond my wildest thoughts. How strong is she really? How much is she just dealing with that I might complain about? How worried is she about the whole process? I'm lucky to have her.....I love my girls.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Summary....Football, Pizza, Carpet, and Crashing

Can this week come to an end any quicker? We're simply toasted today and while I love my home time...I'm almost ready to go back to work so I can sit down for a spell. Kim has been pushing things a little more than she should and she's obviously tired and I've been moving everything that isn't screwed down upstairs once and now twice....We need a timeout. Aren't you supposed to chill out prior to baby arrival so you'll be all energetic and ready to stay up all night?! But we did all of this for more builder grade junk upstairs, no more squeaks, no more paths around the bed, no more stains. Its soft. Plush. Spongy. It has been so long since we've had nice carpet and my gosh what a difference it makes. I'll go on record in that it sure does make life horrible PRIOR to installation but man was it worth it.

So its Super Bowl Sunday and while millions of folks all across the country gather for a football cookout or gathering with the neighbors, Kim and I are keeping it close to home. We made home-made Pico de Gallo and Onion straws and then Fajitas for the main dish, mmmmmmm good.

I continued my youngster turned Thirtysomething rite of passage by playing a football game of my own this weekend (without injury) and then was witness to a true attempt of greatness....My friends Scott and Shaun declared some weeks ago that they could consume a pizza at a local shop in Kennesaw of which no other pair has successfully completed. The deal here is that if you and a friend eat this monster pizza in one hour, you earn $250 house cash. Easy as that....right? Thing is...more than 400 pairs have tried and no one has done it. My boys Scott and Shaun thought they are some pics.
30" across, 11 pounds of meat, cheese, crust, and grease.....and still undefeated. Two other pairs tried Saturday and Scott and Shaun bested both by a mile. I really think Scott could have held up his end of this bargain but poor Shaun sort of tells the tale in the last pic. Erp......

I don't think I'd care for the house cash after eating that thing. Keep the $250, just pay for the hospital bill when I have a coronary later in the day.

Meanwhile back home:
Everything that could go in the master bath...went in the master bath. This is just a sample of the carnage from an entire floor being shoved into 2 1/2 rooms. The closet room was full, the master bath was full, and the other bath was as full as it could be since there was a little carpet going in there.

This is the Master bedroom....notice the odd looking stain on the left. So Adam nearly fell out because that looks alot like a water stain on the subfloor. After nearly sobbing uncontrollably fearing the worst, I was able to gain my composure and find that this must have been some sort of spill when the house was being built since the wood was dry. The other thing this pic hides is the 2000 screws that had to be put in the subfloor to stop the squeaks. Good times.

And finally, little man Baxter was sort of making a dirty spot in the floor because he lays in the same spot ALL THE TIME. Not that its a problem but the floor was a little icky. So after cleaning the spot real well....Bax has a new bed.
This joker won the lotto with Kim's change of heart but he has done so good inside. I'm pretty sure he'll be excited to meet Reese and she'll have a little buddy right out of the gate.

Alright folks....We'll post some Kimmy pics and Reese stuff later in the week. In the meantime keep praying for Kim and Reese and also keep Mom in prayers for a speedy recovery.