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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tiny Updates....

We've been about a week without a real post and even longer since one with relevant pictures of anything going on at Baby Central so it seemed appropriate to update something even if we don't have pics or major announcements.

This week and last have proved a little more difficult for Kim but she still pushes through like a champ. From a Dad's perspective....I've put on some pounds in support of Kimmy and I've been a little busy with projects but outside of that, this thing has been a breeze. From a Mom's perspective...Kim has faced down 15 weeks of unending nausea, aches, pains, and other unmentionables. The pregnant female body is really a wonderful thing but while looking at blogs and reading about this whole experience in books, no one really dives into the really important details. I'm not leaning in any one direction but its just been an interesting experience for the both of us.

The nursery is almost done. I've gotten a little flack for no pics yet but its just detail stuff right now. I need to hang a few things and get some stuff decorated but really and truly the room is done. I think the biggest thing to do is hang blinds or shades so we can dark out the room but that is easy to handle.

And finally....Little Reese is just great. She is so active in the evenings and her movements are huge now! Kim's entire stomach just rolls sometimes and Reese seems love Kim's ribs. A random kick here and a stray punch there just to let Kim know where things stand. It really is something to know that our little girl is in Kim's stomach right now. Unbelievable.

Just keep praying! We're so close and both of my girls need prayers for a smooth last month and delivery. Pics of Kimmy, nursery, and other stuff will finally come this weekend. I promise.

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