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Thursday, April 30, 2009

One month check up and a trip to Calhoun....

While I've been on the road this week....Mommy took care of birthday posts and then let the little one stretch her legs a little in Calhoun. We have a pretty decent following at the Calhoun City Hall since my Aunt works there and Kim's Mom does too. The ladies there wanted to check her out...the girls at Kim's old office wanted to check her out...and my Grandmother - newly appointed Great Grandmother - got to meet Reese for the first time as well.

Kim said that all went well and at the end of the day, Reesie Pie was spent.

I got back yesterday and Reese greeted me with a very restful night back at the homestead...she slept almost 9 hours before she woke up looking for some food.....But as we found out at the doctors appointment, that may have been an indicator of something.

We pack up, go to the doctor and check all the vitals. She now weighs 12lbs 7oz and she is 23 1/4 inches long. That's up from 9lbs 10oz and 20 1/2 inches at birth! We got a growing baby!

But...she had a fever of 100.4 on the first check and then another check was something like 99.4....Our doc checked her out pretty well and determined that she has an ear infection in her right ear.

Already? AGGGGHHHH! She also put the fear of God in us about her temperature since babies her age cannot sustain a temperature - low grade or not - without being checked out thoroughly. Meaning blood work, urine, and a possible Spinal tap due to fears of meningitis. Doc said she didn't think that was an issue as her fontanel was not swollen...I guess a typical sign of something serious there.

Kim has checked her temp once and I did when I got home and so far - nothing major. 99.2 with me and around that with Kim. The Doc did give us some meds for the ear infection to knock that down but I'm a little concerned about that because Kim and I both are allergic to penicillin and that's what they gave her.....we're checking with Doc in the morning to see if our allergies may carry over to her. Oh well...I had bad ear issues as a kid so it wouldn't be fair if Reese didn't as well....right?

Enough talk....check out Reese in her Nike outfit and Bubba Gump shirt.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy 1 Month

Happy 1 Month Reese!

It is so hard to believe that it has already been a month. It really just seems like yesterday when Daddy and I brought you home from the hospital. You are growing like a weed and changing daily. You are such a joy and our love for you grows stronger every day. We are so blessed and thank God for our answered prayers.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

1 Month Birthday eve....

We....or more like I....was confused on the whole one month thing. In my mind, four Fridays meant one month. Right? Apparently no.

Friday was the four week mark so we documented that...and Monday is the "One month" mark so we'll document that too. Anyway, I'm on a bit of a post drought since the day of reckoning last Thursday with the landfill diaper that Reese gave us and the storm that rolled through. On top of that, Monday is my first trip away for any length since Reese has been here so I'm not really on top of my creative game to put up an interesting post full of details and humor. So instead of stories or weekend happenings...its a Reese-a-palooza pic session.

She's acting cold but the water is hot....we're not bad parents.

No pictures please.....


Thursday, April 23, 2009

One heck of a night....

So, tonight has been interesting....we're waiting on the earthquake to come next so be sure to find a sturdy doorway to stand in.

First - It's Thursday. That means Pint Night at Taco Mac. I'll save a long winded ramble about what it is and why I like it but suffice it to say I love Taco Mac. And yes...Pint Night means cold beer. We'll just call it "fruit of the vine" so everyone feels better. K?

So I went to Taco Mac to enjoy some libation with my co-workers....all is well. I come home and grab Kim and Reese to go get some chow at our local Chili's and Reese was phenomenal. Calm, quiet, and awake...Wow. Little did we know that two storms were brewing. One is a weather related phenomenon, the other is a bowel related event. Dun dun duuuuuun.

We eat, and it thunders...Reese smiles and her bowels thunder. (we couldn't hear that) Reese did start getting a little fussy toward the end so Kim takes her to the car and I wait for the bill. Finally get the bill, run to the car...Weather is on the way. I get into the car and Reese has Kim singing a song about MAMA LOVES REESE, DADDY LOVE REESE....on and on. Man she was ticked. We wonder what come un-hinged to cause this?!

We fly home...the skies look pretty rough. This is like the third or fourth stormy night in two weeks or so and we duck into the house for cover. Bax is busting down the door to come in, we get him in, and I check on Kim................................

Hail on the back deck.

It was a bomb. A poop bomb. Ohhhhhhhhh Lord. Her onesy is stained....her pants are stained. The poop has run its way out the belly of the diaper. It stinks. Oh my gosh does it stink. It is quite possible her biggest poop in her one month existence. No wonder she was angry! We clean her up and she finally cools down the bloody murder screams. I think that mess would make me scream too.

Hail, poop, thunder, lightning.....what else? Well, how about some cool pics of Reese!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I've learned something about posting....

I've FINALLY figured out how to shrink photos in Picasa so now I don't have to wait for 10 minutes everytime I upload a picture.


I'm on a pic trip for no other reason than just because I can post tons of pics in like 2 minutes. So here are some pics from this weekend....

My girls chilling on the bed.

Reesey-pie stretching it out....Looks like an E.T. moment.

Monday, April 20, 2009

She's starting to smile....

And its not always because she's tooting...

How adorable is she?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Easter "portrait"

I guess more accurately this is our first family pic period...outside of the hospital. Reese-pie is all styling in her little hat and trying to strike a pose for the camera.

She's trying to quit.....

Our little munchkin is trying to quit the habit.....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Birth Story Part VI....sleeping at the hospital is a lie!

The first night....well, we didn't sleep that much. I had fed Reese around 8pm and working on a 3-4 hour schedule means chow starts at 12am. The night nurse tells us that she needs to test Reese's blood glucose so she'll come in and stick my daughter with a needle....tick her off real good and then we'll feed her.

So like clock work, the nurse comes by at 12am. Kim and I had just almost dozed off. Reese didn't mind the stick to the foot but now we have to feed her and put her back down. So I do that....I try to burp and then we lay her back down within the span of 15 minutes. Man, this ain't so hard...our baby is the world's best baby so this is a walk in the park. Right...

One fair burp doesn't cut it. Even two fair burps doesn't clear you for the the evening. Two GOOD burps might get you off the hook for an hour or two but Reese doesn't give two good burps even now at three weeks old. She's ticked....she fusses....she drifts back to sleep. The nurse comes to check Kim an hour later....huh? Why didn't they do that when they were checking on Reese? Eh well, I roll over, next thing you know the nurse is back pricking Reese's foot again. It must be time to eat, we feed, try to burp, change a diaper and lay back down. Maybe this will be the window that we'll start sleeping. Um, no. The nurse comes back to check on Kim and to change out the ice back between Kim's legs....really? Right now? alright.....

I roll over for what seemed like one or two blinks, nurse comes back in to do something besides a glucose test for Reese. She wakes her up, Reese fusses, Kim and I are awake now, the nurse leaves. You gotta be kidding me right?! We're dog tired but we're wide awake because no one will leave us alone! I was afraid that if I turned my rear toward the door, someone might come in and check me out. It was unbelievable!

Now...I have to address those first diapers. Holy smokes that stuff is nasty. I firmly believe that you could take the first several diapers from every new born baby in the world and either re-tar every road or at the very least patch every roof. I swear Reese would wallow in her tar laden diapers as a cruel joke to her new mom and dad and it seems that hospital wipes really suck at tar removal or maybe it doesn't matter what tool you use. Suffice it to say that diaper changes were starting to slow down.

Saturday morning arrives for most and I'm sure that Grandparents and other family and friends were just chomping at the bit to visit. Our Saturday morning started far earlier but we were ready to welcome anyone that would stop in with a sleep deprived smile and an equally sleepy Reese. One thing that made life a little easier was an awesome day nurse. Robin was another short nurse but she was short nurse syndrome like Nurse Hatchet. Robin would come in and literally shout. REEEEEEESSSSSEEE! You need to wake up baby!!! REEEEEEESSSSSEEEEEEEE!!!!! She would perform whatever needed to be done and was always perfect with our new baby.

Memory serves that the shouting did wake Reese up but more to the point, it scared the caca out of Kim and I. Kim's mom brought snacks for us, my parents came, Lance and Celeste came, I believe some of Kim's aunts memory is leaving so I'm tying to finish the birth story saga....The day trodded along and our final visitors were my Aunt Judith and Robbie. I had ordered Domino's pizza, we chowed down and I got ready for some serious shut eye. Ohhhhhh Praise Jesus!! Sleep, precious sleep.

Around 9pm Reese decided that she was angry with something and felt it necessary to tell us about it. We'd hold her....she'd zip it...we'd lay her down....she would scream. It went just like this for hours. Up, down, scream, up, down, scream. Midnight came....still screaming. 1am, 2am, now 3am....scream, scream, scream. She wasn't having one of those uncontrollable lip screams but she was ticked about life for sure. Around 3:30am I decided that we needed some more ice. So I shuffle down the hall and then the most devilish and evil thing happened to me.....I heard other kids wailing in the other rooms down the hall. The first one was two doors down. This kid was absolutely losing his mind screaming. The next door, screaming. The next....the same thing. All of them were absolutely off the charts compared to Reese. I smiled. It warmed my heart. I almost laughed with glee. Not at the fact that other babies were angry and crying. But that everybody down that hallway was awake just like me and their hands were just as full as mine.

Reese finally collapsed around 4am....and I sleep for the first time in what seemed like days. I have no idea what Kim did, I have no recollection of anything from around 4am to 7am, I was simply exhausted.

Sunday came....visitors came....and we prepped to leave. It was comforting to be at the hospital but it wasn't comfortABLE for anyone. I was a little scared and emotionally overwhelmed that morning. Kim actually had to keep my head on straight a couple of times. Of all the memories made during that three day stretch, I'll always remember Kim and I hugging that morning. It had been months since I hugged my wife with a tight "bear hug". She hobbled along and that broke my heart but I knew that she was going to be fine in the end.

Reese is three weeks and almost 2 days now. She's a blessing and a gift and we love her more than anything. There are things/events in life that are burned into my wedding day, our trips to Hawaii, the 1st Apple festival that we went to...and so many, many more. But this story. Well, I just had to write it down so we could remember every little detail. That's sort of the end of the Birth Story posts but it's only the beginning of our story with Reese.

One day I hope to let her read and understand what happened on 3/27/09 to her Mommy and Daddy. There will be many more "Stories" to tell during our lifetime with Reese but she has been one of the highlights of our story as husband and wife. We love you sweetie!

Birth Story Part V....

Little Reese is in my arms....Kim is blitzed from pain meds and birthing trauma and is about one bad smell from throwing up. She was so incredibly nauseous.

Our family starts to come back in and whether Kim and I know what to do or not...we're parents now. Everyone checks on Kim, they awe at Reese and the photo session begins. As a new Dad, and for the first time in my married life....I'm torn.

My wife is lying beside me probably in as bad of condition as I have ever seen her. She is in pain, she is weak, and she is pale. In my arms is Reese....needing just as much attention as her mother. Who do I tend to first? Kim has been my life for 17 years...I've just met Reese but I love her as much as the 17 year head start that Kim has earned. My two girls needing more attention than I know how to give.

Prioritization kicks in and Reese needs to eat so I focus on Reese first.

Disclaimer time.....Kim and I have talked about the virtues of breast feeding and we know that Momma's milk is better than any other milk, formula, etc.... But we chose to bottle feed. We have reasons for the decision but ANYTIME this subject comes up, people chirp about the decision either way. So don't stress when I tell you that we went straight to formula. We know....we know.

The nurse hands me this little pre-made bottle of formula and tells me to feed Reese. So I shake it up VIOLENTLY!! It says to do so right on the bottle. Put on the nipple and put the bottle to Reese's lips. She latches on and starts killing this 2oz. bottle of formula. Around this time our new nurse Dolly tells me to feed her slowly....only give her half of the bottle at first. I look down and Reesie-Pie has already killed this bottle.'s time to burp.

Flash back to me shaking the bottle violently....things that people don't tell you as a new parent is not to shake bottles. It introduces air into the formula. Read previous posts...air in the baby is bad. Flash forward to burping the baby, I throw her up on my shoulder to burp and Reese's neck isn't quite ready for that...I sort of freeze and then don't know what to do. Dolly then shows me the "choke your baby to burp her" hold. What do you know...It works! Reese belches like a trucker and so everything is ok right? should probably burp new babies a little more. We'll pay for this later.

An hour or so passes and Dolly advises everyone that this long day needs to come to an end. Kim is going to be moved to a recovery room and we're going to spend our first night with Reese. The family shuffles out...hugs and kisses are handed out and everyone is so very excited that this day has come but everyone is equally tired and ready to get into some comfortable clothes and seating arrangements.....The delivery room was nice but it wasn't the most comfortable place in the world for any of us so whether anyone wants to admit it or not, we're all probably ready for a little R&R.

Dolly carts in this little rolling table for me to put all our bags on and pretty soon we're going to head up to the fourth floor. Just prior to this, Kim begins to get a little color back in her face and so it seemed like a fine time to inquire about what kind of pain Kim was feeling and what the nurses where going to do about it. Dolly offers some stout pain killer but Kim hadn't eaten a thing. So, Dolly treated her to a nice gourmet dinner of saltine crackers and graham crackers so the Percocet can take effect.

It was only now that Kim finally got to hold Reese and inspect this little creation. Kim was a little broken up because she hadn't been able to tend to Reese but it just wasn't possible any sooner that this. She just stared at our little girl.....tears rolled slowly and a smile covered her face. It has to be an odd moment to meet the little one that has been growing inside of you for so long. The one that kicked and jabbed from the inside, now sits outside all swaddled and sleeping. The one that you prayed would be ok is finally in your arms and she's fine. What a powerful moment in time...I'll never forget that.

"Less go mama." Dolly says. (she's hispanic) Kim eases into a wheel chair big enough to hold me three times. Kim must carry Reese and "papa" (as Dolly called me) carried everything else. We go up an down the hall to Room 430. The room is half the size of the delivery room but we don't's time to sleep. It's almost 10pm and little did we know but Reese is experiencing the 24 recovery phase. See, Reese is just as tired as we are so she's sleepy and could care less about what the nurses are doing to her....but after that first 24 hours is over, she'll be wide awake and ready to fuss with us for about 7 hours straight....YEAH!!!

Part VI.....Sleeping at the hospital is a lie.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hanging with Mommy

What a night....for that much, what a week. Thank the Lord tomorrow is Friday.

The details include laundry, feed the baby, dishes, change the baby, mow, burp the baby, pick up the house, rock the baby, pay bills, finish the taxes, go to a meeting, make a presentation, wash bottles, eat and clean up dinner, fix the grill, run to the store, we need some new groceries, post on the blog, feed Bax, put Bax to bed, get Bax up in the morning, go to work, stay at home....guess what...time to feed the baby again, need to sleep, oh....dang....time to get up.

Life just really took off in 5th gear but we wouldn't have it any other way.

So in lieu of all of are some pics that Kim took today with the munchkin.

Now that is a satisfied baby!

Do you think Mommy sees me?

Hey Mommy!

I don't think she sees me....I'm just gonna sit tight.

Maybe this weekend will slow down a little but some how...I doubt it. Love to all.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Posts coming on Wednesday

It's been a little hectic at the Hall house this past weekend with a first dinner out with Reese and an Easter trip up to Nana's and I've been away from the house for an overnight trip for the first time since we had Reese. Kim did great and I'm back home but posting has sort of taken a back seat for a few days.

We'll get some pics out there, some Birth story updates and just general stuff through the rest of the week.

Love to all...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tummy Time.....

Reese's neck is so strong for a two week old....of course it would be since she's our daughter...she does everything fast and amazing and she's the greatest two week old EVAR!!!!!!

Ok - sorry about the unadulterated bragging.

Since the umbilical cord dropped off earlier this week, we thought we would try a little tummy time to work on those neck muscles a little more. She flexed her lungs a little last night around 8:30p and turned into fussy mussy but amazingly enough, tummy time almost calms her down. Enjoy pics of the munchkin....
How could you not love her?

Check out all the hair

She's getting a little miffed


She's done

Friday, April 10, 2009

Birth Story Part IV.....

Nurse Hatchet...or Wratchet.....take your choice, was a middle aged woman in a purple nursey looking outfit. She was short with short hair and she probably had a little case of short woman syndrome but she meant business. It didn't appear that she made her money being nice and sweet and all cuddly....she told the family to scat and I feared that I was going to be asked to leave as well.

This was the nurse that sort of looked at Kim like she had four ears when Kim asked for more pain killer in the epidural drip. The thing was practically empty and Hatchet wanted to debate as to whether Kim was really in pain with that stupid little one to ten chart with smiley faces on it. One being just a walk in the park and ten being the worst pain you've ever felt in your life....what tripped me out was that the little smiley face man wasn't wailing in pain right under 10. He has a few tears and a troubled brow but that's about it....not what you'd expect from a near death #10 experience. But I digress....

Our sweet, fun-loving, and super nice nurse Tiffany was busy down the hall delivering the "rude mother's" baby. Tiffany bragged on how good Kim was doing and I guess more to the point that we didn't try to tell her how to do her job but rather asked questions because we're a bunch of rookies at this....Yeah...she was tied up so Hatchet was it and a trainee who was heading back to school on Monday. I guess they run some trainee periods so that nurse wanna-be's get to see the real world before they're thrown into the mix. Hatchet was over there showing the trainee what to do and how to do and so on...little did Kim or I know or understand Hatchet was just showing her stuff....not prepping her on her role in this delivery. Small shivers pulsed through our bodies at the sight of a trainee handling our daughter in an emergency situation.

Oh yeah...the emergency situation...When the nurse broke Kim's water, we found that meconium was in the fluid and there was a high likelihood that Reese could have ingested some of this "poop". The idea is that the nurse would make a determination at the time of delivery and keep Reese from crying so that she didn't immediately suck down some poop into her lungs. They called in a respiratory therapist/specialist to have right there to suck out her lungs and nose and all would be well.

So...Beth (midwife) shows up, she coaches us through some pushing. Three counts of 10, deep breaths in between, push until was say stop...all of this coincides with the contractions. Dad! they all yell...Grab Kim's leg and push it toward her chest. Nan....hold her head up so she can really breath and get good pushes....Rookie nurse...hold the other leg. Hatchet....well, she actually turned into a nice lady during this stretch. Tiffany....she made it! She came to count and relieve Nan from hold Kim's head up. We all had a job. Daddy! They yelled...come look at this! You can see her head!

I had been pretty adamant that looking at this was going to challenge me a little. I didn't know if I could handle that whole image of Reese and my wife's privates all mingled into one view. The first time, I sheepishly looked and all I could see was this little white/yellow spot in "there" and they told me that was Reese's head. It wasn't all that bad....I could handle that. Whew! Done looking! Nuh uh...DAD!! Look at this! You can see her hair!! So I peeked again....sure enough, I could see Reese's hair. DAAAAD!!! Looky here! So finally looking became OK with me. It wasn't easy at first but I was sort of able to disassociate from Kim's body to more of Reese's body. It was strange but amazing at the same time. I was glad that I looked in the end....anyway I stayed in my position of leg holder and took tasteful pics when Kim didn't need me.

We had fun in there. Beth was a cut up, Tiffany and I found that her husband and I play on the same Flag football league, Nurse Hatchet wanted to know all about it because her son wants to play flag football too and what do you know, almost two hours went by of pushing, counting to 10 and breathing. At one point, the banished family members sent poor Celeste back to make sure all was well. I guess two hours seems like an eternity when you're not counting, pushing, and talking about flag football!

Finally Reese was slipping beneath the pubic bone and she was essentially "crowned". This portion of her head looked so small. We were convinced that this was going to be a little 7-ish or 8-ish pound baby...her little head was just sitting right there. Kim pushed a couple more times and Hatchet told Kim to cough a little....that would do it. So Kim coughed. But not like a good cough, like a cough when you're afraid something is about to pop out of you. Heehh. Kim sounded out this pitiful whimper of a cough. Nothing...they all said no, no....Cough like you're going to clear your throat. And so she did.

Reese was facing down toward the floor and then Kim's cough turned her head from right to left sideways....her body followed and Reese was born at 7:15pm. Beth grabbed her and cut her cord long so as to allow quick work on her by the respiratory therapist but Reese took a deep breath and Beth went into serious doctor mode getting Reese over to be cleaned out. I walked over to check on her but come back quickly to be with Kim. I believe that sideways turn caused Kim to tear. She was bleeding badly and Beth was quick to call for Dr. Windham. Apparantly he can sew up a balloon with out busting it so she called for his steady hand. I went back to check on Reese.....

I looked at her in amazement. 10 fingers...10 toes....the doctors all commented on her color, they cleaned her out pretty good from anything that might have been ingested, they patted her back to loosen up any gunk in her lungs...and she just calmed down after the heating element came on.

I started welling up with tears. Our little girl was ok....she didn't have a mark on her. She was just perfect. Back and forth I checked on Kim and then Reese. Kim then Reese...Kim was toasted. Completely exhausted and now shaking uncontrollably from the medications and the trauma of what her body had just done...She was physically spent but our little Reese was finally here.

One of the nurses put Reese on the scale and we all sort of did a double take....9lb 9.6 oz. (they round up) 9lb 10 oz. Dear Father....Kim had a nine pound baby?!? What the?

I was satisfied that Reese was in good hands and was going to be ok so I started staying with Kim for a while. She was nauseous, cold, shaking, tired, and just plain exhausted. In every way, she was a patient and recovering from trauma. I was so worried about her. We were told that everything was fine but I still worried about her. It broke my heart to see her in pain and the shaking was more than I could bear....I started welling up again for her. I look up...and the family is coming in...and the nurse is handing me our baby girl.........

PART V....the recovery room and sleepless nights in the hospital...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just baby pics....

Monday, April 6, 2009

Birth Story Part III.....

So....I come back with some luggage from the parking deck and Kim explains that the nurse just broke her water.

Huh? They broke your With what?

Kim and Celeste sort of kept mum on that whole process and I didn't ask questions. Needless to say, things were speeding up now and contractions were getting stronger. Pitocin (spelling??) apparently makes contractions much stronger and with broken water and an IV full of Pitocin, Kim was getting incredibly uncomfortable at this point.

The parents showed up pretty soon afterwards so we had a full room of patiently waiting Grandparents and a dead tired Kimmy and Adam. I was dosing off periodically and Kim was getting ready to call for some pain killers. Our nurse, Tiffany, advised that it might be better to start off with a dose of pre-pain killers....Phenergen and something else. That little cocktail made Kim INCREDIBLY sleepy and literally knocked her out of commission for more than an hour or so. I urged the parents to go get some chow and Kimmy and I would hold down the fort....meaning, we were going to sleep.

One thing no one tells you about the hospital is that you will not sleep. No matter how tired you matter how wiped out you feel....someone will come by to check you out, poke around on you, or just play a mean joke to wake you up. Yeah, that happened at lunch time. We wanted to sleep so badly but contractions and nurses squashed any plans that we had about some shut eye.

Soon after lunch....Kim had had enough. The contractions were getting closer and stronger so the call went up for the anesthesiologist to dull the pain. The nurse told us to plan for about a 45 minute wait but within 10 minutes this happy, smiling, delightfully rich, pain reliever stopped in. I don't recall his name but he was smiling from ear to ear and had his bag of tricks ready to kill some contraction pain. They raised Kim's bed...sat me in front of her (Thank the Lord) and they asked me to hang on to her arms while she bent over to take this monster shot.

The entire time, Dr. Happy talked to Kim about the company she works for. He just found it so interesting that she worked for what we'll call XYZ Company: Happy: So you work for "XYZ company"'re about to feel a cold shot. Kim: mmmhmmm. Happy: Yeah I see alot of "XYZ" patients here but I don't worry about billing or any of that, I just do the work and the office bills out and collects. Kim: mmmhmmm. Happy: Your leg should jump a little now....Taste any metal in your mouth or numbness in your lips? Kim: nuh uh. Happy: It's just so funny that you work for XYZ. Yada yada yada blah blah blah....... Kim: Please just zip it and give me the dang sh.....o.......tuh.

All of the sudden...the pain is gone. Amazing. What was killing her five minutes ago is completely numb. Her legs weigh 500 lbs. and she is on easy to speak. The hours rolled by that afternoon and Kim drifted in and out of sleep. The pain of contractions now gone, we waited patiently for the word to push.

Around 5pm a nurse unfamiliar to us dropped in and proclaimed "Well....It's time to have a baby!" She cleared the delivery room of anyone that wasn't staying and in a few short minutes....we were about to meet our little Reese. Pretty much, it was on!

Part IV...the delivery next!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another security blanket pulled away....

Last Sunday, Kim and I sat in the hospital and both of us were a little emotional because we were leaving the security of the hospital and their staff. Mind you we both wanted to go home and get comfortable in our own surroundings but there was a sense of security in being there. Nothing could go all that wrong without somebody being there pretty quickly and that felt good to two rookie parents.

Fast forward through the week at home and this Sunday was a tough one too. Kim's mom stayed with us all week to help us acclimate to life with a baby and she went home today. Nana provided another sense of security for Kim and I that just couldn't be replicated. My folks have come down several times and our family has been great about coming to see Reese and looking to help in anyway possible. We appreciate everyone's love and support but we both appreciate Nana's help so much. She did just the right stuff....she allowed us to handle Reese and learn about her ways....she never overstepped her bounds but was more than willing to do anything we needed her to do.

It breaks my heart to see Kim cry but we both got emotional because one last security blanket was being peeled away today. It's all on us now. I go back to work Monday....and I'm just sick about it. Nana goes back home and Kim is left with little Reesie-pie all on her own. I guess we all have to jump out of the nest at some point but it sure is nice to know all of these family members are making sure we're fine when we land.

Family.....we love all of you so much more than we can say. Thank you all for making this such an amazing experience for Kim and I. We wouldn't be anything without all of you.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Birth Story Part II.....

We had the car packed up for the biggest life changing event since our wedding and were on our way to Kennestone Hospital. I probably drove a little faster than I needed to since the roads were empty at 4:45am. Kim and I spoke to one another but I couldn't tell you what we said at this mind was racing and I know Kim's was too.

We pulled into the hospital atrium, I grabbed the camera bag and helped Kim out of the car. I few minutes later we were on the third floor of the Purple tower talking to a nurse about what Kim had been experiencing this evening. Remember...two hours of sleep for each of us at 5am. the nurse checks Kim out and says that she hasn't dilated past the first centimeter yet. And so what does that mean? Essentially we're not ready yet....we could go back home. The on-call Midwife relayed directions to walk for an hour around the halls of the third floor and we'll check you again at 6:35am. Walk? What the? Where to? For an hour? Woman....we've been up for nearly 24 hours save those two precious hours of sleep late Thursday night and you want us to walk. Oh....ok.

So we walk. The halls are shaped almost like a big "C". You shouldn't go beyond a certain point so we turn around and shuffle back down from where we've come from. All along the hallways are these little desks where RN's and Midwives and whoever else pays attention to you, pays attention to you. You soon find out that there are women in these rooms giving birth at 5-something in the morning. One room held a group of people in there counting to 10 very loudly and some periodic groaning....was this what was in store for us? Kim would stall out every now and again with severe pains - contractions - that would literally stop her and then slowly release its grip. We seemed to get stopped in this same little hallway and then we would ease out of there and shuffle some more. We stopped walking down one hall because this nurse had on some awful smelling perfume and Kim's sense of smell has been on Defcon-5 since Las Vegas when we found out we were expecting little Reese.

At 6:35am, PROMPTLY, we shuffled back into the nurse station for a new examination. The small framed nurse checks Kim out and declares.....You've dilated to 2cm! You're a keeper! So I call the parents to give them the news....we're staying to have a baby today!

After an IV is inserted and some other formalities take place....we go to Room 11 on the same floor. The delivery rooms are HUGE. It's like a suite! Kim has this macked out bed, I have this nice little cot....I don't need much as I'm not the one working here....and next thing you know, we've got Aunt Celeste with us!

Celeste showed first...she came ready for the duration and just happy to be able to experience the process. I think it will probably help to know what to expect for their own one day...Anyway, once she showed I decided to run get our bags since I had only recently parked the truck in the parking garage. While I did this....Beth, our Midwife, stopped in to break Kim's water. I think Celeste was ready to leave now....

Part be continued.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Who is who.....

The top is obviously Reese....the bottom...well that's me in 1974 at one week old. The similarities are pretty amazing. I just hope she out grows them and starts looking like Kim!! I don't think I'd make a nice looking girl.

Birth story Part I.....

Reese is one week old today! I know its only one week but what an amazing week it has been and for our sakes and those that care to read our blog, we wanted to document Reese's birth story. I'll break things up so it isn't like reading a novel so....enjoy.

Thursday, March 26th
The due date has arrived! After months of wishing, waiting, and worrying Kim's due date had arrived. I went to work and faced the questions and commentary about Kim and whether we had a baby or not...Kim worked from home and tried to tie up loose ends from her work-a-holic ways.

We know folks that work with Kim read our blog so this isn't a suck up post, but I think Kim kills it when she works. I couldn't work with would strain our relationship beyond words. I would LOVE to own a business or have something that I could work adjusted hours or something like that - and I could stand that with Kim. But if I had to sit in here and work with her on a regular basis, I'd jump off the deck. She's much too focused and rigid with her stuff and I'm a little more laissez-faire. Anyway, back to the story....

I called periodically to check on her and nothing was really happening that day. We had made an appointment earlier in the week for Monday, March 30th just in case nothing took place over the weekend....we were beginning to think that we were going to be heading to that Monday appointment because nothing was really happening. So I came home from work, we ate dinner, we did our normal middle of the week routine, and we crashed out on the couch. Thursday night TV was basically interrupted by NCAA Basketball and I sat there in my chair watching my yearly dose of college basketball. Kim was narked out on the couch and I was pushed back in the easy chair ready for sleepy-town to call my name.

Two whole hours of my easy chair and Kim wakes me up to go up stairs. We do this alot. Both of us fall asleep in the living room and then we'll finally wake up with the TV blaring some midnight infomercial and stumble upstairs to really get in the bed. This time Kim wakes me up with two things....she's been feeling something that hurts...and come look at this (I'll save the details of where and what) I note the pain and look at the evidence that something is indeed taking place in Kim's body. We discuss it, ponder what it means, and finally decide that SLEEP is the answer. Not that there was ever a question of what to do, but we were dead tired.

Less than thirty minutes later Kim whispers....I think these are contractions.....they keep coming at regular intervals....7 minutes apart. Fear gripped's here. I tried to push it to the back of my mind and get a few more minutes of sleep but I was curious as well....what does it feel like? When do we call the doctor? Has your water broke? Kim: They hurt, I dunno, and I dunno.

Time flys when you're timing contractions that are seven minutes apart. Two hours melted and finally I convince her to call the on-call doctor. They tell her once the contractions reach 5-6 minutes apart, gather your stuff and come on. I mean to tell you within the hour the contractions had sped up. I call the folks...both somewhat groggy but expectant of this phone call and start loading the truck with our bags. Kim: Do you have the camera....Me: yes. K: My it in the car? Me: yep. K: Pillows? Me: I think so...hurry up let's go....but be careful coming down the steps. K: I'm scared...... too. It'll be ok baby. Let's just get to the hospital.

Part II - to be continued.....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This is what we know so far....

This is what we know so far....2oz is not enough chow for the little lady. She needs 4oz plus and she powers through it with no hesitation. IMPORTANT! Gas is the enemy bar none. If gas traps in the belly, Kim and I are in for a crummy night and we don't like crummy nights.

Swaddling is the thing. Reese doesn't realize that she has arms yet and they generally scare her to death when she's sleeping. We don't like anything that scares sleeping babies.

The car where sleeping goes down right now. She loves to sleep in the car seat. It does everything that we need it to do...keeps her upright, keeps her positioned in a good spot, allows her to burp a little better...remember - GAS is BAD, and we can tote her around from room to room without waking her up. K&A approved.

Bath time....isn't so bad. She likes to get her hair washed so I'm in trouble down the road. I'm sure I'll foot the bill for all the salon appointments in the future. Yeah!

Did I mention that the bottle and Reese are on a first name basis?

We've pushed for a single wake up in the night and we've managed that for the last two nights but I'm thinking we may be asking a little too much for the first week....we're going to try midnights, 3am-4am, and then breakfast for a little bit. You know, sleep when she sleeps kind of thing. We don't mind to go to bed at 9pm!

Poopy diapers....don't smell that bad when its your own baby girl's. Pee-pee diapers don't happen enough - they're EASY.

Bax doesn't know what to think about her...he just smells her.

Don't shake the formula - GAS is BAD.

Burp the baby as many ways as you can.

And finally....Kiss and love on her as much as possible. These days will go by so fast and she'll be changing every day. Enjoy the pics....

This face means....where is the nipple?