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Monday, April 6, 2009

Birth Story Part III.....

So....I come back with some luggage from the parking deck and Kim explains that the nurse just broke her water.

Huh? They broke your With what?

Kim and Celeste sort of kept mum on that whole process and I didn't ask questions. Needless to say, things were speeding up now and contractions were getting stronger. Pitocin (spelling??) apparently makes contractions much stronger and with broken water and an IV full of Pitocin, Kim was getting incredibly uncomfortable at this point.

The parents showed up pretty soon afterwards so we had a full room of patiently waiting Grandparents and a dead tired Kimmy and Adam. I was dosing off periodically and Kim was getting ready to call for some pain killers. Our nurse, Tiffany, advised that it might be better to start off with a dose of pre-pain killers....Phenergen and something else. That little cocktail made Kim INCREDIBLY sleepy and literally knocked her out of commission for more than an hour or so. I urged the parents to go get some chow and Kimmy and I would hold down the fort....meaning, we were going to sleep.

One thing no one tells you about the hospital is that you will not sleep. No matter how tired you matter how wiped out you feel....someone will come by to check you out, poke around on you, or just play a mean joke to wake you up. Yeah, that happened at lunch time. We wanted to sleep so badly but contractions and nurses squashed any plans that we had about some shut eye.

Soon after lunch....Kim had had enough. The contractions were getting closer and stronger so the call went up for the anesthesiologist to dull the pain. The nurse told us to plan for about a 45 minute wait but within 10 minutes this happy, smiling, delightfully rich, pain reliever stopped in. I don't recall his name but he was smiling from ear to ear and had his bag of tricks ready to kill some contraction pain. They raised Kim's bed...sat me in front of her (Thank the Lord) and they asked me to hang on to her arms while she bent over to take this monster shot.

The entire time, Dr. Happy talked to Kim about the company she works for. He just found it so interesting that she worked for what we'll call XYZ Company: Happy: So you work for "XYZ company"'re about to feel a cold shot. Kim: mmmhmmm. Happy: Yeah I see alot of "XYZ" patients here but I don't worry about billing or any of that, I just do the work and the office bills out and collects. Kim: mmmhmmm. Happy: Your leg should jump a little now....Taste any metal in your mouth or numbness in your lips? Kim: nuh uh. Happy: It's just so funny that you work for XYZ. Yada yada yada blah blah blah....... Kim: Please just zip it and give me the dang sh.....o.......tuh.

All of the sudden...the pain is gone. Amazing. What was killing her five minutes ago is completely numb. Her legs weigh 500 lbs. and she is on easy to speak. The hours rolled by that afternoon and Kim drifted in and out of sleep. The pain of contractions now gone, we waited patiently for the word to push.

Around 5pm a nurse unfamiliar to us dropped in and proclaimed "Well....It's time to have a baby!" She cleared the delivery room of anyone that wasn't staying and in a few short minutes....we were about to meet our little Reese. Pretty much, it was on!

Part IV...the delivery next!


jill said...

the suspense is killing me .... and i already know how it ends! hah! love the series. you guys seem like such FUN parents!!! reese is a lucky girl!

Tara said...

I hope you don't mind me reading your blog but I enjoy your veiw of things so much. I found it through Lindsey Olivers. Congrats on the new little one. It seems like it has been a long time coming for you guys. It is the best adventure ever!