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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This is what we know so far....

This is what we know so far....2oz is not enough chow for the little lady. She needs 4oz plus and she powers through it with no hesitation. IMPORTANT! Gas is the enemy bar none. If gas traps in the belly, Kim and I are in for a crummy night and we don't like crummy nights.

Swaddling is the thing. Reese doesn't realize that she has arms yet and they generally scare her to death when she's sleeping. We don't like anything that scares sleeping babies.

The car where sleeping goes down right now. She loves to sleep in the car seat. It does everything that we need it to do...keeps her upright, keeps her positioned in a good spot, allows her to burp a little better...remember - GAS is BAD, and we can tote her around from room to room without waking her up. K&A approved.

Bath time....isn't so bad. She likes to get her hair washed so I'm in trouble down the road. I'm sure I'll foot the bill for all the salon appointments in the future. Yeah!

Did I mention that the bottle and Reese are on a first name basis?

We've pushed for a single wake up in the night and we've managed that for the last two nights but I'm thinking we may be asking a little too much for the first week....we're going to try midnights, 3am-4am, and then breakfast for a little bit. You know, sleep when she sleeps kind of thing. We don't mind to go to bed at 9pm!

Poopy diapers....don't smell that bad when its your own baby girl's. Pee-pee diapers don't happen enough - they're EASY.

Bax doesn't know what to think about her...he just smells her.

Don't shake the formula - GAS is BAD.

Burp the baby as many ways as you can.

And finally....Kiss and love on her as much as possible. These days will go by so fast and she'll be changing every day. Enjoy the pics....

This face means....where is the nipple?


Ben Hall said...

Those Pictures help but,this Papa and GrandMa Em Hall are missing our baby girl and BAD ! So be prepared if we come knocking Thursday afternoon - scoot over to make room for us to get a front row seat to watch this sweetheart in action! She loves the Camera doesn't she? Updates don't come fast enough! Have you thought of a WebCam just for Grandparents!Love to all,GrandMa Em and Papa Hall 2.0

Judith said...

I LOVE the picture on the upper right corner! She looks like she's saying "What you talkin bout Daddy?"!! I can't wait to see her again and get some chubby cheeks kisses!!!

Jason and Rachel said...

Jake had gas pretty bad too so gas drops helped there. And he liked the flavor. Any thing has got to taste better than formula. YUK! She is beautiful. She looks just like Adam. Congrats guys. Enjoy this time. She will change soooo much over the next few months.

Anonymous said...

Adam and Kim,
What a beautiful little lady! I ordered her two proper blankets today, one for play that says "Reese Avery" and the other one is a "church blanket" with a very special message "Papa Hall's Princess" embroidered on it. I can't wait to get them back, should be in about a week...I'll drop them in the mail to you all. The pictures are beautiful, keepem' coming...I love the little hair all spiked out. Cousin Julie, Cherrylog, Georgia

Ginger said...

She is adorable. I can't wait to see her. The story is very interesting - I am waiting for part 2.

I can sympathize with the gas! It took Larry's mother, my mother, Larry and me to get through those days and nights with Suzanne. I never really knew if it was gas and then colic, whatever that is; but it was not pleasant for any of us.

Hope to see you soon!