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Friday, April 3, 2009

Birth story Part I.....

Reese is one week old today! I know its only one week but what an amazing week it has been and for our sakes and those that care to read our blog, we wanted to document Reese's birth story. I'll break things up so it isn't like reading a novel so....enjoy.

Thursday, March 26th
The due date has arrived! After months of wishing, waiting, and worrying Kim's due date had arrived. I went to work and faced the questions and commentary about Kim and whether we had a baby or not...Kim worked from home and tried to tie up loose ends from her work-a-holic ways.

We know folks that work with Kim read our blog so this isn't a suck up post, but I think Kim kills it when she works. I couldn't work with would strain our relationship beyond words. I would LOVE to own a business or have something that I could work adjusted hours or something like that - and I could stand that with Kim. But if I had to sit in here and work with her on a regular basis, I'd jump off the deck. She's much too focused and rigid with her stuff and I'm a little more laissez-faire. Anyway, back to the story....

I called periodically to check on her and nothing was really happening that day. We had made an appointment earlier in the week for Monday, March 30th just in case nothing took place over the weekend....we were beginning to think that we were going to be heading to that Monday appointment because nothing was really happening. So I came home from work, we ate dinner, we did our normal middle of the week routine, and we crashed out on the couch. Thursday night TV was basically interrupted by NCAA Basketball and I sat there in my chair watching my yearly dose of college basketball. Kim was narked out on the couch and I was pushed back in the easy chair ready for sleepy-town to call my name.

Two whole hours of my easy chair and Kim wakes me up to go up stairs. We do this alot. Both of us fall asleep in the living room and then we'll finally wake up with the TV blaring some midnight infomercial and stumble upstairs to really get in the bed. This time Kim wakes me up with two things....she's been feeling something that hurts...and come look at this (I'll save the details of where and what) I note the pain and look at the evidence that something is indeed taking place in Kim's body. We discuss it, ponder what it means, and finally decide that SLEEP is the answer. Not that there was ever a question of what to do, but we were dead tired.

Less than thirty minutes later Kim whispers....I think these are contractions.....they keep coming at regular intervals....7 minutes apart. Fear gripped's here. I tried to push it to the back of my mind and get a few more minutes of sleep but I was curious as well....what does it feel like? When do we call the doctor? Has your water broke? Kim: They hurt, I dunno, and I dunno.

Time flys when you're timing contractions that are seven minutes apart. Two hours melted and finally I convince her to call the on-call doctor. They tell her once the contractions reach 5-6 minutes apart, gather your stuff and come on. I mean to tell you within the hour the contractions had sped up. I call the folks...both somewhat groggy but expectant of this phone call and start loading the truck with our bags. Kim: Do you have the camera....Me: yes. K: My it in the car? Me: yep. K: Pillows? Me: I think so...hurry up let's go....but be careful coming down the steps. K: I'm scared...... too. It'll be ok baby. Let's just get to the hospital.

Part II - to be continued.....

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