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Thursday, April 23, 2009

One heck of a night....

So, tonight has been interesting....we're waiting on the earthquake to come next so be sure to find a sturdy doorway to stand in.

First - It's Thursday. That means Pint Night at Taco Mac. I'll save a long winded ramble about what it is and why I like it but suffice it to say I love Taco Mac. And yes...Pint Night means cold beer. We'll just call it "fruit of the vine" so everyone feels better. K?

So I went to Taco Mac to enjoy some libation with my co-workers....all is well. I come home and grab Kim and Reese to go get some chow at our local Chili's and Reese was phenomenal. Calm, quiet, and awake...Wow. Little did we know that two storms were brewing. One is a weather related phenomenon, the other is a bowel related event. Dun dun duuuuuun.

We eat, and it thunders...Reese smiles and her bowels thunder. (we couldn't hear that) Reese did start getting a little fussy toward the end so Kim takes her to the car and I wait for the bill. Finally get the bill, run to the car...Weather is on the way. I get into the car and Reese has Kim singing a song about MAMA LOVES REESE, DADDY LOVE REESE....on and on. Man she was ticked. We wonder what come un-hinged to cause this?!

We fly home...the skies look pretty rough. This is like the third or fourth stormy night in two weeks or so and we duck into the house for cover. Bax is busting down the door to come in, we get him in, and I check on Kim................................

Hail on the back deck.

It was a bomb. A poop bomb. Ohhhhhhhhh Lord. Her onesy is stained....her pants are stained. The poop has run its way out the belly of the diaper. It stinks. Oh my gosh does it stink. It is quite possible her biggest poop in her one month existence. No wonder she was angry! We clean her up and she finally cools down the bloody murder screams. I think that mess would make me scream too.

Hail, poop, thunder, lightning.....what else? Well, how about some cool pics of Reese!


doubletrouble said...

Great pics! She is beautiful!

jill said...

i'm choking on grapefruit juice! hilarious! (probably because it's NOT happening to me!!!!) hope everything is much quieter by now at your house!!!!! but just wait until reese is 16 months old and decides her new favorite trick is to poop in the tub EVERY night. then it gets REAL fun. hah! happy friday eve!

Tara said...

that is what we'd call an "ASS-plosion"