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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another security blanket pulled away....

Last Sunday, Kim and I sat in the hospital and both of us were a little emotional because we were leaving the security of the hospital and their staff. Mind you we both wanted to go home and get comfortable in our own surroundings but there was a sense of security in being there. Nothing could go all that wrong without somebody being there pretty quickly and that felt good to two rookie parents.

Fast forward through the week at home and this Sunday was a tough one too. Kim's mom stayed with us all week to help us acclimate to life with a baby and she went home today. Nana provided another sense of security for Kim and I that just couldn't be replicated. My folks have come down several times and our family has been great about coming to see Reese and looking to help in anyway possible. We appreciate everyone's love and support but we both appreciate Nana's help so much. She did just the right stuff....she allowed us to handle Reese and learn about her ways....she never overstepped her bounds but was more than willing to do anything we needed her to do.

It breaks my heart to see Kim cry but we both got emotional because one last security blanket was being peeled away today. It's all on us now. I go back to work Monday....and I'm just sick about it. Nana goes back home and Kim is left with little Reesie-pie all on her own. I guess we all have to jump out of the nest at some point but it sure is nice to know all of these family members are making sure we're fine when we land.

Family.....we love all of you so much more than we can say. Thank you all for making this such an amazing experience for Kim and I. We wouldn't be anything without all of you.

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Rachel said...

I felt the same way when my mom left and Jason went back to work. I cried all day that 1st day. But you get through it and in 6 months you will look back on it and think about how silly it all was to feel that way. You guys are great people and will make wonderful parents. Remember to...just breath, take one day at a time and enjoy every minute you have with her.