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Friday, April 3, 2009

Who is who.....

The top is obviously Reese....the bottom...well that's me in 1974 at one week old. The similarities are pretty amazing. I just hope she out grows them and starts looking like Kim!! I don't think I'd make a nice looking girl.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Hall family. I am so enjoying reading about Ms. Reese and yall's adventures...Adam, you and Kim need to write a book. I want to see a picture of the "princess" sleeping all sound and snugged up. Yall please, please enjoy this time with her and just take in every single moment, no matter how crazy it gets...enjoy it! Love yall! Cousin Julie, Cherrylog

Elizabeth Arnold said...

I enjoyed getting to meet baby Reese for the first time! She is beautiful and is truly a blessing! Whenever you get the chance if you would please email my mom the pictures from Friday. Robbie would have a connemption if he saw them on the blog! Hope we can see everyone soon! Love ya'll!!

Nadine said...

Hey Adam and Kim,
Congrats to you! Spoke to Kim the other day. Your baby picture looks just like Reese. Amazing! Looking forward to meeting Reese.
See you all in May. Reese, welcome to our world of many Aunties and Cousins.
Love you guys,
Nadine, Marcel, Ashley, Brandon and Kyla. XOXO