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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hanging with Mommy

What a night....for that much, what a week. Thank the Lord tomorrow is Friday.

The details include laundry, feed the baby, dishes, change the baby, mow, burp the baby, pick up the house, rock the baby, pay bills, finish the taxes, go to a meeting, make a presentation, wash bottles, eat and clean up dinner, fix the grill, run to the store, we need some new groceries, post on the blog, feed Bax, put Bax to bed, get Bax up in the morning, go to work, stay at home....guess what...time to feed the baby again, need to sleep, oh....dang....time to get up.

Life just really took off in 5th gear but we wouldn't have it any other way.

So in lieu of all of are some pics that Kim took today with the munchkin.

Now that is a satisfied baby!

Do you think Mommy sees me?

Hey Mommy!

I don't think she sees me....I'm just gonna sit tight.

Maybe this weekend will slow down a little but some how...I doubt it. Love to all.


jill said...

what an adorable, edible little angel!!!! hope you guys are adjusting well! it's hard but SO fun! look forward to 15 months. most fun stage yet!!!!

Judith said...

I'm Hungry! Hungry to see that Baby!!! We've got to get down to see that pumpkin!!! She has grown sooooooo much!!! Take care of my great neice!! Love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

This little girl is an angel, absolute angel! Thanks for keeping us up to date...I love your blog! You should seriously write a book! Hey, yall should be receiving the blankets in the mail today or tomorrow, they are coming FedEx, so be on the look out for them. I hope Papa Hall likes his blanket on the little angel! I want a picture of her with it when you get it. Thanks! and love from Cherrylog! Jules