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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life at home...

Well we've made the transition from hospital to home and its been pretty smooth. We've struggled with Reese two nights out of four and we think it boils down to gas. The first time we were at the hospital and she kept us going until 3:30am....the second time was last night and she started while my Mom and Dad were here and finally tired out around 11pm. BUT! We were rewarded for our efforts with 4 hours of sleep until 3:30-4-ish and then another 4 hours from 4 until nearly 8:30am this morning. Ahhhhhhhhh.....sleep. Precious sleep. Since Thursday night, we've probably only slept about 8 to 10 hours cumulative until last night. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday....for barely 10 hours of sleep. Oh my Lord.

One day this week we'll go through the details of the birth story but suffice it to say that we've been blessed. Reese went to the Ped yesterday and she checked out perfectly. Good skin, her little eye lid is fine, her feet....which are still bent from being inside Kim are fine, she got a shot yesterday and worked through it fine, she is eating well - besides the gas, and is largely just a happy little girl. She really is a miracle.

Something that many folks may not know is that I take a medicine for my skin that has some serious side effects. The effects are so severe that women CANNOT take this medicine if they even believe they want a child later in life. Soriatane causes severe birth defects in women but there is no conclusive evidence that it has harmful effects on men and our contributions to the cause. Websites are dangerously vague and the Doctors all say your fine but you never know. I've worried about this for nine months. What if I caused something...what if my actions harmed this little girl or caused her life to be more difficult because I wanted to have clear skin. I would have died.

Despite some of our (mostly my) daily actions, Kim and I are deeply religious people. I know that I don't alway say or do things that would represent this to a stranger but Kim keeps me in line and helps me check myself. Seeing Reese come through as a perfect little baby has touched us in ways that cannot be described. It has deepened my love for Kim, it has enhanced my belief in God.

Alright...enought talk. Here are some baby pics with the proud Grandparents.

Nana and Gramma

Pawpaw and Papa

I'll have some pics with her cap off today as well. Thanks for all the well wishes to everyone. We need all your love and prayers to pull this off!

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