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Thursday, March 19, 2009

One week left....

We're staying committed to this daily update until Reese arrives and now we're within one week. Kim is feeling fine but was experiencing some lower belly cramping tonight during dinner. Nothing major...sounds like the normal thing and she didn't seem to out of whack about it.

Reese has been the lively baby at night recently which has to be a positive thing. She just kicks and squirms after dinner and then seems to nod off for a while. She seems rather content right now and that's very reassuring.

We finally brought the poll to a close and it appears that an overwhelming majority feel like Kim will be induced. There is a nice group of like minded votes between several different dates but no one picked the 30th. I voted for the 24th but I don't have inside knowledge...that date has just stuck in my mind and we have a doctor appointment that day so I'm taking a stab in the dark. I just want to avoid April 1st if at all possible. Call it childish but that's me....

Kim is pretty much here for the duration now. She got the word that everyone was cool with her staying home Friday and I would assume the rest of her working days prior to Reese's birth. I feel a little better about her staying closer just in case. It may be that Reese is still a week out but you never know this close to the end so I'm glad that she'll be close by.

Friday is finally here so we'll fill you in on the goods tomorrow!

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