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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

8 Days....

So yeah....I feel like crud again. My doctor gave me some antibiotics to take but all in all told me to stay on the Mucinex and drink plenty of water....Really? Is that the best he can offer? I'm surprised he didn't tell me eat an apple a day too.

Anyway, Kim is feeling fine today. She's been cramping a little and Reese has been moving a ton. Kim's schedule is pretty much home office after tomorrow so I think Kimmy is going to cool the traveling after Thursday....Thank the Lord.

We finally took some time to take some preggy belly photos today and I'll post the good ones later this week. I think Kim looks awesome in them and within a week or so, that belly will be replaced with a little one in our arms.

Please keep them both in your prayers. There are so many little ones that need prayers and so many families facing critical issues with newborns or children in general but please take a moment and pray for Kim and Reese. A safe delivery, a happy and healthy baby, and a wonderful experience for everyone is all that we're looking for.

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