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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Coming home...

We should get discharged sometime this afternoon and we'll be bringing little bit home. She's been washed up and cleaned up and now she's chilling with Mommy.

Last night proved to be a tough one but we learned something...burp, burp, burp. Oh and Hospitals don't keep gas drops on hand. Reese was gassy and super fussy when she laid down. We didn't want to put milk on top of all that gas and have her spit up so we burped and she farted and we burped and FINALLY at 3:30a we could get some formula in her and she passed out until 7:30a this morning. Mommy and Daddy needed some rest...thank you Reese.

Scott and Michelle came by this afternoon for a bit to visit with Reese and they got to see her get her 2nd bath. She did very good. She is just so patient with people handling her and is pretty content most of the time. We're just sort of waiting on the word about leaving, I suspect that we'll be heading out around 5pm or so.

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OSBORNES said...

Congratulations and hello Baby Reese! What a blessing. She is beautiful and we can't wait to see her in person. We are so happy everything went well and all are fine. Kim....we're speachless, 9lbs 10oz....WOW! Let us know if you ladies (and you too Adam) need anything. Daniel, Cathy, and Emma.