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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

9 days!

St. Patrick's Day and I'm feeling a little green myself. Kim finally shamed me into making a Dr. appointment for Wednesday because the last thing I want is to be told I can't go back with Kim and Reese because I'm hacking like I work in a dust factory. I felt pretty ratty today so hopefully the doc will have something for me.

Kim...well she is doing great. Reese has been moving like crazy tonight so we're very pleased that she's in such good spirits. Pretty soon all that wriggling will be outside and that will be so amazing!

Lots of TV tonight so Kim controls the remote while I veg out and rest next to her. If anything major happens, we'll keep you in the know.


doubletrouble said...

Good luck and best wishes! We can't wait to see pictures of her! such an exciting time!

Ben said...

Since this is your first she might just take her time and be an April Sweet Heart, the full moon is April 9th and is going to a Pink Moon!