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Sunday, March 22, 2009

4 Days left....

Sunday has been a nice, easy going kind of day. We did some stuff around the house. I unloaded some Pine straw, Kim cleaned around the house a little and that was sort of that. I guess I could dive into the details but at this point, folks are checking in for Baby alert and not what Kim and I had for dinner.

So....Baby alert.....ehhhhh nothing yet. Kim's back is hurting pretty badly but outside of that there are no cramps, no contractions, no nothing but a happy baby moving around in there. Thursday is the true due date but we're just sort gearing up for anything at anytime.

When Reese starts things the tried and true forms of updates (phone and word of mouth) will prevail but we'll try to post as much as possible and post pics as well. Just keep praying for a safe delivery for both Kim and Reese!


Judith said...

Kim looks absolutely beautiful!! We can't wait to meet Miss Reese in person! We already love her so much! Any you two, too!!

Lindsey said...


You look beautiful! I love this picture! I am looking forward to meeting your little girl soon! Hang in there!